Who's your favorite Robin?

I’ve always been a fan of Damien, personally. I’m generally drawn towards those hard to deal with and acerbic characters, I suppose.

I also see a couple of repeat comments here and there, so let me just clean these up with a quick incantation.

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I grew up watching Dick Grayson as Robin during the original run of The Animated Series (and later on Teen Titans), but I agree that he’s better as Nightwing (assuming this Ric Grayson nonsense ends soon). Tim Drake is probably the best at being Robin (I want to be on board with Damian, but he still drives me nuts), and I agree that while Red Hood is cool, he doesn’t seem to have much to do in the larger story. I liked Carrie Kelly, though! (Outside of the DKR sequels, haven’t read those.)

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Tim Drake will always be my number one Robin. I first started reading the comics around the time dick was already Nightwing and Todd was still doa, Tim was the only one that sought out the role of Robin without it being thrust on him.


Tim Drake was the best robin. Not a big fan of Damian. Dick was was good at being robin but better at being nightwing. Tim is really the smartest robin and I grew up him being robin in the comics.


My favorite character is Jason; but I don’t think he’s the best Robin. I like him as Red Hood.

I think Damian is the best Robin. I think he has the best growth and character development. I think him and Bruce make a great team.

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Tim Drake.

I grew up with him and was buying his solo book from day one. I think the most thought went in to his character from the beginning. I also just think there is something noble to him not wanting the role in the beginning. Just wanting Batman to be his best, and knew that Batman couldn’t be his best without Robin. He was also smart enough to figure out who Nightwing and Batman were.

I do love me some Carrie Kelley though. I was probably too young to own TDKR, but, loved the idea of a female Robin. Anyone remember when they brought her back as Damien’s tutor in Batman and Red Robin for a hot minute? At least I think that’s what it was in. As always, I could be wrong.