Why aren't the new Batman adventures here?

Why aren’t the new Batman adventures (basically season four of BTAS) here? Dc already has people confused how many seasons of BTAS is on this site (all three, even though only two are listed. They merged them), I don’t get why they don’t have the TNBA. As well, Batman and Mr. Freeze is missing. These aren’t exactly new films/series like Batman begins that needs to be taken off every once in a while. Are they waiting for an HD remaster of TNBA?


It was produced by a different production team than the first seasons and they do not currently have the permissions for it.

The New Adventures are coming in December

The New Adventures they announced is the one from the 70s, not the one I meant.
Also, why wouldn’t they have the rights? I mean, it’s a dc production, aired by DC’s owner, to be placed on a DC service.

I am also confused why it is not on here. It was produced by WB and shown on WB kids so I don’t know who else would have the rights to it besides DC/Warner Brothers

Exactly. I can only assume it’s because it hasn’t been remastered in HD yet. I hope they do, if that’s what’s keeping it.

First I thought it was because they were waiting for the Blu-ray release but that has already happened so now I’m confused. Even if they’re remastering it, I wish they would give it in SD until HD comes out bc the SD still looks good in these cartoons

Yeah… really odd. I think this service is good; it’s one of the with with few strings attached, but DC owns almost everything here. I don’t get why they can’t put all of their old stuff. I can understand the new, but the old? Eh, just kinda odd, not to mention we need Justice League Unlimited finale season, Sub-Zero, and Zeta Project for the DCAU to be complete.

Oh, you’re right. It is the 70’s version. I’m actually excited about that now. As for The New Batman Adventures, I’m thinking they probably licensed it out to another service and just waiting for that to expire to bring it onto here. I’ve seen Justice League Action, Teen Titans Go, and Smallville on Hulu. Maybe The New Batman Adventures are on some similar site. Hopefully DC does bring it here though.

Hmm, that’s a good theory. Hopefully they do bring it soon, though; they’ve almost got the full DCAU. Well, we got the Burton (and Forever and Batman and Robin… yay) movies coming, and I think I’ve only seen the original once, and we have that to look forward to.
But, question, is the 70s show they’re bringing one of the Adam West shows? Why didn’t they bring the original 66 one first?

I feel the same way about a lot of the animated movies. Some of them like justice league dark I know is on Hulu but like Batman/Superman Public enemies for example is not on a streaming service as far as I know and it was literally in the trailer for DC universe and it’s not on here. Like what’s that about?

There is definitely some conflicting choices. They have Gotham by Gaslight, one of the newest animated movies… but not Sub-Zero? And I also don’t get why they have to rotate movies and shows. I mean, they own this stuff, and the library isn’t actually that big currently. I mean, not that big of a problem since this service is cheep, but still.

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Their probably working on a HD remaster and it’s just not done yet. Once it is I’m sure they will put it on here.

It’s already been remastered in HD. Available in the Blu-ray box set and on it’s own digitally.