why hasn’t #dcuniverse put Batman vs tmnt on yet

So Batman vs tmnt had been out on digital and dvd for almost two months and yet this app hasn’t put it up yet and I’m starting to question the fact that when I got this app that they told people subscribers would get the first chance to watch all new animated movies series and shows and oddly and funny enough the app has put up Batman hush but they can’t seem to put Batman vs tmnt up when it’s been out for a while now I mean come on already we pay to watch these things as advertised by your app but you think digital releases don’t count when they do and the only company that actually own the Batman rights witch is dc comics owns a majority of the movie rights more then the kids tv station Nickelodeon

They never said all animated movies, series, and shows.

All DCUAOMs arrive on here on the day the come to DVD. But Batman vs. TMNT isn’t a DCUAOM.

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