Why isn't Batman vs TMNT available here after it's digital release date?

Simply looking to get my subscriptions worth. LOVE this app, am reading and watching new content all the time, HUGE DC nerd, saves me a TON of money. I dont wanna be a dummy and buy it on prime or something if it’s going to be here later, but Justice League vs Fatal Five as well as reign of Supermen was available here on digital release date. (Yes I know movie might be trash but I’ll ALWAYS give WB DC animation an honest viewing before I judge)

  1. The “on DC Universe the same day as it comes out” rule only applies to animated movies in the DC Original Movie line when they are released on physical home video formats and the day of said releases, not the digital release.

  2. Batman vs. TMNT is not part of the DC Universe Original Movie line and being that it features characters under the Nickelodeon brand, it may not be here at all, depending on licensing agreements.