Will All HBO Max DC Shows Be Available on DCU, too?

So, Doom Patrol Season 2 is gonna also be available on HBOMax right?

So my question is, are all the planned HBOMax DC Shows gonna also be available on DC Universe in a similar fashion? Or are we all gonna have to have not only DCU but HBOMax as well?

I’m probably gonna end up doing what i gotta do, but it would kinda be a pain, you know?


We’ll have both, and Titans and Young Justice are staying here.

The Max originals like Green Lantern and Snyder Cut are going to only be on HBO while DC originals like Titans will only be here.

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I’m really torn on whether I’m going to renew my sub to DCU after it expires in September. I have already planned to get HBO max and if they are going to make DCU a priority then what’s the point especially if content like Stargirl is also available on the CW.
I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Are you sure about that? Cause Doom Patrol is a DCU original. (Unless of course Doom Patrol is just gonna be a singular case)

Who knows.

I understand the feeling. However, I think it’s still worth just because not only do we get the shows (even if not exclusive) but we get the comics as well

This is a point that’s been brought up a lot as Warner Bros expands its entertainment platforms and DC programming decisions. I think the best answer that anyone can give you to that worry is to just think about why you subscribe to DCU. If you’re only on here for the original series, then perhaps HBO Max is the place for you. Since you get all of them and more. If you want the overall DC experience, with all of the comics you can think of and a great community, then I’d stick with DCU. It’s just about considering what you value in the various platforms. I hope you’re able to figure it out! :smile:

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HBO Max will eventually have Green Lantern, Strange Adventures, and Justice League Dark. There’s been no indication that we’ll be sharing those shows.

But we’ll have Titans, Bizarro TV, and whatever becomes of the DCYou pilots. Hopefully, HQ, too, if it gets picked up for a third season.

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