Will Green Lantern The Animated Series Ever Return?

I remember watching GLTAS when it came out and loved it. When it and YJ was canceled I was devastated. With the return of YJ do you guys think GLTAS wi ever come back? Ive been recently rewatching the series on here.


It should, they set it up for 2 more major arcs at least. I hope either season 2 of GLTAS or season 6 of Teen Titans is the next big DCU thing announced, maybe at Comicon.

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I’d be personally insulted if we got a 3D animated original cartoon on DC Universe and it wasn’t Green Lantern. They killed it with Young Justice Outsiders and Harley Quinn. And back before the Community overhaul, people were CLAMORING in the comment section for season 2. It has a cult following. I have no doubt in my mind that it would be a success.

I think as a DCU show, it should be the next animated series they do. That said, with HBOMAX developing a live-action GL, YJ already getting another season, and HQ being so well received. I’m guessing they will pick that up for a second season. So GLAS might be a while…as much as I’d love to see it, I ain’t holding my breath for it.

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I think the original Harley Quinn order was for 2 seasons so :metal: