[WoB/RR: Event] Prelude to Robin War (Dec. 27 - Jan. 20)

Welcome to the first part of the next big event from World of Bats: The Batman Book Club! and the Renegade Robins Club! In the wake of Batman Eternal and Batman: Endgame, DC launched two new series: We Are Robin and Batman & Robin Eternal.

This event topic will be the last one to be hosted on DC Universe, and the follow-up topic (covering Robin War itself) will be appearing on the sequel site, DC Universe Infinite!

Join the Bats and the Robins today! We look forward to thoughts from members of both @WorldOfBatsBookClub and @RenegadeRobinsClub! (If you’re not a member of either club, feel free to contribute anyway! We’d love to hear your thoughts!)


Reading (14 Issues)

I. We Are Robin

  1. WAR #1
  2. WAR #2
  3. WAR #3
  4. WAR #4
  5. WAR #5
  6. WAR #6

II. Batman & Robin Eternal

  1. BRE #1
  2. BRE #2
  3. BRE #3
  4. BRE #4
  5. BRE #5
  6. BRE #6
  7. BRE #7
  8. BRE #8
Have you read these stories before?
  • Yes, I have!
  • Not yet!
  • Only We Are Robin!
  • Only Batman & Robin Eternal!

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I read the beginning of we are Robin but never collected all of robin wars and stopped reading it. I didn’t understand it.

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Cool! I’ve read some of We Are Robin fairly recently, but it’s been a while since I read B&R Eternal, so that should be fun. :smiley:


As I said near the end of the Batman Eternal thread, you might want to read the Endgame arc in Batman #35-40 if you haven’t already. While you’re at it, check out Detective Comics: Endgame and DC Sneak Peak: We Are Robin, which directly tease the We Are Robin solo series.

Meanwhile, the new Batman in the wake of Endgame was revealed in DC Sneak Peak: Batman, and you can catch up with what Dick has been doing lately by looking at the Grayson Fan Club’s coverage of his solo series.