Wonder Woman 1984 Campaign

But I’m like… was this supposed to be released?? :anguished:… also I didn’t know how do do a spoiler warning so hope I didn’t upset anyone.

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Please hide that under a blur spoiler by editing the post and clicking the wheel next to the calendar. Just to be safe, thank you :blush:


Wow, she looks awesome!

Definite spoiler…glad you blurred it…but, WOW!


Ok really appreciate the blur, sorry bout that. I definitely had a feeling as I posted after. I had posted it on my phone. I wasn’t sure as I consider any production shots to be spoilers too, especially if it has showdowns from hero to villain, as it could potentially spoil a big moment in a scene. And there had been a cheetah and wonder-woman shot posted before. And at that point I wa like, well I guess they like spoilers…

I’m not trying to defend, I’m just saying what my internal and external conflict actually was You should’ve seen me scanning the people of the room I was in…

“Hey I need your help”
“Is this a spoiler you guys?”
“You guys!!’
“but look here real quick though”
Panicking scrolling my phone
“These photos here, a little revealing too right?”
“Am I paranoid, I’m paranoid aren’t I??”
‘how would you feel?!”
“You think I’m paranoid don’t you??”

…to which the reply I got back was…

“TIO! Calm down, that is a photo of a toy, and THAT is just two ladies standing, and We don’t even know what paranoid is, but you’re acting crazy, and were trying to play fortnight”

“I think she looks pretty”

I guess thats what you get when you ask a 7 and 8 year old who are trying to actively ignore you as they play fortnight, and a precious little 6 yr old niece who just likes cute things. :joy::joy::joy:

Please screen cap me how to do a blur effect…
or maybe a mod can delete the post in general?:pray:t4::grimacing:

Again, truly sorry :pray:t4:

All disappear forever now

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I love your thought processes.

Your post is currently perfect, btw.

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This makes me a feel a we bit better. Thanks so much. As I just replied to one of the mods, I feel like such a betrayal right now. Not even to the DC fans, but the DC Universe :raised_hands:t4::tired_face:… I really needed the sleep, I just woke from. You should have seen me pop out of my 5 hour nap, like, what have a I done!? And rushed to this board. And when I saw the immediate blur, I was like. Oh no! What have I done?!.. I seriously feel terrible. But this helps like I said. :pray:t4:

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My most recent edit…

Like I said. What was thinking?!..GrRROWl”?!..
what kind of cryptic nonsense is that?!

I hate myself.

The importance of sleep everyone, is. VITAL.

I gotcha! Let’s not get too off topic from the WW campaign, though. :blush: The pic is now blurred, and with the blurring it is good to go.

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Wait wut?

It’s really not a big deal lol. There isn’t a single person on here who didn’t already know that Cheetah is in the movie.

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This looks incredible:

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@Mae Yeah it does! :star_struck: Aaaahhh!

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I just read Kingdom Come last night, so I finally got to read a comic book where WW wears the Golden armor!

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