Wonder Woman Bloodlines

Why isn’t Wonder Woman bloodlines available on the DC app. I thought paying the monthly fee allowed access to exclusive content yet youtube is already selling it as well as vudu? What gives?


Unfortunately they do this with most of our exclusive content. I was able to rent Batman Hush from redbox for under $2 before it was available here.

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It will be available 90 days after the physical release I just read in another post. :dizzy_face::disappointed:

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These kind of posts usually crop up when a new movie gets its digital release, so if I may, allow me to explain with a few points:

  1. The film is available DIGITALLY right now on other platforms.

  2. New films usually come to DC Universe the same day as their PHYSICAL release, but…

  3. We were recently told that new animated films would be coming to the service 90 days after they were released (please see the Watchtower forums for this announcement)

This is something many of us are aware of thanks to the moderators, and I hope this information helps answer your question.

Also, @SmushyBear beat me to the punch lol