Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Does anyone know when/if “Wonder Woman: Bloodlines” comes to the service?

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I believe it should be 90 days after the initial physical release. So some time in January.

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HAHAH really? Wait so what are we paying for then? We get content 9 months later?

Yeah, this information is available before you purchase the service. I’m sorry you’re dissapointed, but these films need to make money through DVD sales to ensure they’re funded.

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Well, there’s no need to be rude. I hope you understand that I was including in rentals and such when I said DVDs. The money that comes from subscriptions go towards DCU originals, paying for the staff and mods, paying for the servers. There are licensing agreements that come with these films that may require certain services such as Amazon having exclusive streaming rights for a certain period of time. Once again, DCU is very up front about all of this, and all of this information is available before you pay for the service.

Hope this clears it up, and I hope we can remain civil. No need for name calling. I don’t want to pull away from the thread too much, so if you have anything else to say, feel free to direct message me. I’ll happily discuss this with you further. @wolf2121.41253

It’s not nine months… it’s 3 months. Maybe you read 90 days and saw that. You seem very rude at the moment. Anyways, this is a topic about Wonder Woman Bloodlines. Feel free to respond to my DM to you if you would like to continue this conversation. Going off topic could lead to us both being reprimanded for breaking the rules.


I’m not sure about this particular movie, but I think previous DC original movies (like Hush and Death of Superman) were available here on the date of the physical dvd release. That date seems to typically be 2-4 weeks after the digital sale.

They were in the past, but at NYCC they said that all upcoming movies including this one will be 90 days later,

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I buy them all on blu ray, i got mine yesterday. It’s decent.

The 90 days later is a recent change, but, hey, I wait a year for the comics so no worries.

I have to say there is a lot of other content on the app. I certainly don’t feel cheated based on the subscription price (psst…don’t tell them, but I’d pay just for access to the comics alone)

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The 90 day rule was publicly announced at NYCC.
Digital rentals, digital purchase and DVD purchase all go into that revenue stream. So yes, this is about making money. It’s a business, what did you expect?

If they can generate more revenue, more likely DC animated will you create more features and one shot shorts.

At 100,000 subscribers (and I doubt the number is that high) at $100 a year, that is $10,000,000.00. 10 mil don’t even cover the entire budget for YJ, let alone the other DCU Originals. Much of the cost burden for Originals is picked up via streaming services in international markets. One reason Swamp Thing was cancelled and Titans and Doom Patrol weren’t was ST didn’t get picked up internationally. That means it lost likely somewhere north of 60 million.

So WB/DC wanting to try and make up some of that loss by pushing out our streaming release by 90 days & generate more revenue from digital/DVD rentals & sales. I totally understand. It makes financial sense. Being fiscally responsible works to the benefit and long term viability of DCU as a service. DC is investing heavily in DCU to create something more than just a steaming service. To create an immersive experience of the DC world. Does that mean everything DC ever made or licensed will be here, nope it doesn’t.

If the service isn’t value enough to someone for its cost, they are free to take their dollars elsewhere. It’s a free market. DCU is very transparent on what they offer and their terms of service. That consumer agreed to the terms and conditions. They clicked the box saying they read the terms & conditions, but if they didn’t actually read them, that is on the consumer.

In point of fact, DCU has over delivered in the last year with items like Krypton and the 22,000 comic drop. They have provided what they said they would and more.


That was only in effect for Death Of Superman, Reign of Superman, JL vs F5. Even Hush was delayed because they pushed up the physical release date, but DCU kept the original date. And it wasn’t guaranteed that all releases would be that way. It was, as many things were year one, an experiment. It will be interesting to see how much the 90 day delay impacts sales/rentals. If it is insignificant, we might get physical release day again, or 30 days post release. They are figuring out how to tweak the system. Cost/benefit analysis. To do that, you need data.

Yeah, but the switch to 90 days was still a change from precedent. I can understand someone being annoyed. I’m not one of those people, mind you, but I still get it.

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I agree. I liked it, and went back into the service to dig around on where they got the ideas… looks like they took a lot from the Byrnes run in the 80s and a bit at the end from the Rucka run. Which were solid choices tbs, and of course bit of a retread on her origin… still. I hope they do more with Veronica Cale in upcoming films, Wondy could stand to be more fleshed out in the cinema verse, like Bats and his million flicks.

@DeSade-acolyte, you knocked it out of the park. I know that it’s definitely frustrating, but let’s appreciate the fact that we get these films at all. There were times where content like this wasn’t around, and if we don’t support them then they won’t be around in the future. I’m just glad the DC is upfront with this stuff. There are lots of companies like Netflix that will try and subtly make major changes. So, let’s all stay positive and enjoy all the great content we have on here. Shows like Young Justice or retro rereleases.


This is exactly the reason why it works like that. The same goes for movies releasing into a rentals and then eventually a streaming service.

I wish more people knew that rather than jumping to the conclusion that the service they are using is cheating them out.

This is legit basic entertainment business models that have been around since anything was “rentable”.

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I can understand as a break from precedent being annoyed. However, precedent and policy are different.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see animated movies show up here physical release day again, to be sure. But, I’d rather have a better financial situation for DCU and DC Animated in the long run.


Not necessarily in the eye of the consumer. And if a company has consistently taken the same action then that action has been their policy, just not necessarily their written policy. It’s not a breach of contract, but it is a policy change.

Boy. I don’t think I’ve ever said the word “policy” so many times in one paragraph before!

Oh, and I 100% agree with you on this!