World of Wonder | 1 Year of Wonder | August 2020

:joy:I would have thought the same thing.


I’m not as active as I should be. But the conversations I’ve had in this club have been great


I just had eye surgery, but I hope to still participate.
Should be able to see normal again in a month.
Happy anniversary!


I know I’m pretty inactive in this club, mostly because I prefer to go at my own pace and reading stuff for a book club i fear would start to feel like homework after a while, but I’d like to talk about why Wonder Woman is my favorite superhero. She is incredibly powerful, masterful in combat, stunningly beautiful, and was even created to be and brought up as a very important person, yet she is still amazingly humble and understanding despite having basically every advantage in the world.

One of my favorite issues of Wonder Woman is Wonder Woman (2016-) #51. It’s not about fighting, or evil conspiracies, or anything like that. Just one woman trying to connect to another over the course of years. Even after this lady had tried to assassinate both her and Etta in a previous arc. To me, Wonder Woman is herself evidence that Truth and Compassion must always rise above Deception and Hate. They have to, if this world’s going to get any better.


This is my Wonder Woman poster! It’s based on Gal Gadot’s portrayal!


What time is the Secret Origins movie watch along?

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It’s 6PM PT/9PM ET

Is this Friday’s Watch-Along of Wonder Woman (2017) at 11am PT/2PM ET?

I made the watch-along for 3pm PT/6pm ET. For some reason, I was under the impression that was the time you said during the JL animated series WAL. :grimacing:

Oh. :frowning:

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