World of Wonder | Week 29 | Valentine's Day | Feb. 12-18

Superman Wonder Woman. The first two issues of this series makes me want to check my retirement account and eligibility dates. Cuz, I would love to spend more time reading stories like this that I’ve already read before. So many good comics, so little time.
Some of the standout elements from this story for me are of course the supportive caring relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman, the highlighting of how they live the superhero life very differently, and how fully the Super World and the Wonder World crossover. First, they really seem to care for one another as equals and support one another in a way that just isn’t possible say with people named Lois and Steve. Their human partners can do those things, but in a different way. Second, Diana lives an open life as a hero. Her’s is not a real alter ego to hide the hero. Superman is Clark. Diana talks about these differences in issue 1. Finally, Wonder Woman punches Doomsday and Superman punches Apollo. While these are just punches they represent how fully both worlds appear in this series.

Love that Superman line


@nu52 If you want to laugh, and laugh hard, you should look him up on YouTube. Not just for his candy corn rant(s) but because he’s a funny ■■■■■■.

Speaking of candy, I keep meaning to try those mint and chocolate Kit-Kats. Clark and Diana might dig those.

puts a couple packages in each of their Valentines Day baskets

@msgtv Strawberry Twizzlers, like Tony Daniel’'s art in this book, kick ass!


I actually had that today to munch on my way hom today, they’re pretty tasty. :slight_smile:


Hey, schway! I’m heading out to Wally World for the new Giant books, so I’ll pick up a package.

Thanks! :+1:

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I have to draw a line: chocolate and mint is the of the foulest things on this or any other earth.

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I liked the ghost story substory in the Aquaman/Mera one.

Nightwing getting stood up is supposed to be some sort of poetic justice. The man does like to carouse, but his intentions are a little more honorable. Also, the excuse call while fighting is getting a little trope-y.

The bat/cat was well drawn, but i agree with @Jay_Kay about the writer’s take on the characters. The think it through bit feels like the moral of the story, but really; it would have been easier to just steal the boots.

What i like about what i have seen of this SuperWonder is that Clark and Diana can be more at ease about themselves when they are with each other. I like the exploration of clark and keeping secret his abilities vs Diana being “open.”

It’s a shame there isn’t a badge for it, but two (2) Apollos in this week’s selection. But only one of them gets punched by Superman; maybe that’s why? I do like the non traditional choices of interpretation for the Olympians.

Is Stormwatch more than just Apollo and Midnighter? I know the least about them. And Apollo getting that drink from the coal eyed boy was more about ego or feeling good about being the object of someone’s interest.

I don’t think i have a favorite couple. my passive shipping seems to get the job done whenever it comes up.

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Oh there’s plenty more, from the 90s like Jackson King and Backlash, to the New 52 era book, which also had Wildstorm characters like The Engineer, Jack Hawksmoor, Jenny Quantum and Martian Manhunter.

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Everything you said is true… and yet for some reason I enjoyed it :sweat_smile:

I get what you mean. Again, I found myself enjoying it a lot. I think these stories are nice little tastes of each main book. They’re more like trailers, than the actual movie at times.

I always forget about Ricky. I liked Ricky a lot too. Gail’s run was great (I know this one wasn’t written by her), but none of her characters were memorable. Alysia is the only one and that’s just because of her importance and the work future writers did to flesh her out.

Yeah, that one was sad. This one probably felt the most like an ad, but I gotta say, I enjoyed it too. I mean it was realistic in a sense. Not very upbeat, but I was okay with that. :woman_shrugging: :sweat_smile:

Dick should have seen the red flags when she said she didn’t like pepperoni. Obviously not someone you should pursue a relationship with. Dick should have cancelled on her for that. I still enjoyed the action and Ursa’s design was awesome. The paw staff especially with the little backpack.

I agree with Gordon Ramsey!! :smiley:

They’re Sirens and they’re getting Superman/Eros to attack Wonder Woman for her armor.

I do love that Superman caught the bullet and still professed his genuine love. Aww, those two are too sweet!

Outside of the Ursa/Dick and Bruce/Selina (never read full runs of Nightwing/Batman in the New 52), those couples have a lot of story after this. We see them all in the beginning stages in this book and I like how their journeys play out in their individual books after this. Maybe that’s why I’m more forgiving of it. I totally see what you mean though.

Aww, I hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!


Well, I never…

There really are a bunch of comics I’d like to reread, but then I remember how many there are that I’ve never read and what a great and beautiful problem to have :rofl:

Wonder Woman and Superman being supportive of one another is my favorite part about these issues. Really glad you brought that up :+1:

I hadn’t made the connection between the punches, good catch.

How cool would that scene of Superman confronting Apollo be in live action? Make it happen WB.

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@Vroom @Jay_Kay York peppermint patties will always be the best mint/chocolate combo.

@AntLeon :gasp: I understand people coming for candy corn. I can even understand people coming for candy hearts… but trying to drag anything covered in chocolate? The horror! :rofl:

there are many things that when dipped in chocolate are made better. the addition of mint to the chocolate equation is where I say “Enough”.

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Me too! It was neat how the artists played with the flashbacks and present day scenes.

Right!? All of that trouble they went through when the boots were right up front at the store.

Definitely. That’s one of the more compelling aspects to me as well. I enjoy when Diana doesn’t have an alter ego because she is all about truth. On the other hand, Clark is about, “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” So, it is interesting to see the other side of a hero where they hide part of themselves or keep it private out of necessity.

Yeah, we saw some of that in the selection we read a bit ago with Rucka’s take on the gods during the Stoned arc. Azarello’s Olympians take that concept a bit further. Found them to be really interesting.

Yeah, it’s a team-up book with more characters than just the two. I agree with your assessment as to why Apollo went back to the coal-eyed boy. It can be hard being rejected. I wonder what a fight between the Apollos would look like.

What about mint chocolate chip ice cream? You couldn’t possibly hate mint chocolate chip ice cream?

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The mint and the chocolate in mint chocolate chip ice cream are more separate in the execution thereof, so somewhat more palatable, but not exactly my first choice of ice cream.

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Ah, I see. That explanation checks out… for now!

What about Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies? You couldn’t possibly argue against the Girl Scouts, could you?

It’s not so much an argument as it is a personal choice. the GS thin mints meld the chocolate and mint to a point where I am most likely going to make another GS cookie selection.

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I know, I kid. :smiley:

Plus, i wouldn’t argue against the girl scouts. the shortbread alone is quite divine. it is the combo of chocolate and mint i find rather vile.

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I get ya – I’ve read a few of Nocenti’s works where it’s just so incomprehensible and wacky that they become almost entertaining.

I agree that Fletcher/Stewart and then Hope Larson do a lot more to flesh her out, but one thing I do like about her character in Gail’s run is her activist streak and how it actually links a bit with Scott Snyder/Greg Capullo’s Court of Owls arc. Initially, Alysia is protesting Bruce Wayne’s plans to rebuild and revitalize Gotham that gets the Court of Owls’ attention. But unlike them, Alysia doesn’t like it because she thinks it’s just some rich elite a-hole who wants to create mass gentrification and drive the poor out.

I thought it was interesting to see not just little things like that touch on all the books and make it feel more connected, but in ways that asks questions and spins them in different ways.

Can’t say I can blame 'em, it is some cool armor. :smiley:


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Along with everyone’s favorite…Fuji!

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