World of Wonder | Week 55 | Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me #1 | Aug. 12-18

World of Wonder Week 55!

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World of Wonder continues to celebrate 1 Year of Wonder ! Join us as we read a story that was originally published in the Justice League Giants, Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me.

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  1. Had you read this story originally when it was first published?

  2. What are your opinions on Chard Hardin’s art in this issue?

  3. Which aspects of this issue’s story were your favorites?

:nerd_face: Share your thoughts on the reading overall and let’s discuss :nerd_face:

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Sorry for being late with this. I’m moving and didn’t have internet for a bit. Currently at my sister’s using her’s :joy:

Have you read any of the Giants from Walmart/Target?

  • Yes, Walmart
  • Yes, Target
  • No, never found any in store

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I am relieved that it is this sort of thing keeping you distracted. Bonus points if it’s for the better. Coincidentally, I am in the process of moving as well.

Awesome :sunglasses: you came through with Wondy despite moving (moving is never fun)

Good luck with the move! I’ve been there, it can be a pain.

I got at least a good chunk of this story through Wal-Mart – for anyone who could never find them, they were in the same place where they have stuff like trading cards and the like, often at the front of the store, near a register. That is, when LCSs weren’t snatching them all up to sell at THEIR store. :\

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  1. Had you read this story originally when it was first published?

Like I said, I read a good chunk of these in the Giants when it came out, but I don’t remember finishing it. But what I have read so far was pretty cool!

  1. What are your opinions on Chad Hardin’s art in this issue?

I really like it – I’ve enjoyed his work in the past on Harley Quinn, as well as further back when he did a trilogy of mini-series for the Dragon Age series at Dark Horse (which if you haven’t read and are a fan of the games, I highly recommend). I guess there are a few moments where it feels a little too cartoony, but I think it’s overall a good fit.

  1. Which aspects of this issue’s story were your favorites?

Diana and Steve’s brief interaction was really well done. I also liked the sequence with the forest fire – too often I think superhero comics tend to stick to just crime and supervillain plots, but I think especially with characters like Wonder Woman, it really helps show her sense of compassion, quick wits and less used powers like talking to animals.

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I read the first of these stories when they came out, before I decided trying to keep up with these at Walmart wasn’t worth my effort. I’m very glad they collected them and we get them now on the DCU. I like the idea of creators being given broad leeway and not having to fit their stories perfectly into continuity. Here, we get Steve back in the Air Force. I prefer him as a special operator with the Navy then an ARGUS agent because it makes more sense to me, but I’m good with stand alone stories like this doing what they want.

As for Hardin’s art, who could not love this version of Diana? She’s beautiful, a little on the bulked up scale, and he does a great job of giving her the hero poses we love.

Like @Jay_Kay I like when we get a story that’s something other than punching the bad girl/guy in the face. I also love this scene. We forget the Diana comes from an ancient warrior society. She would want a libation after heroic deeds. I also enjoyed this version of Etta. The latest incarnation of Etta has generally left me underwelmed. She seem to lack the joy and a little wackiness that Etta has at her best. This is the first time, I felt like the modern Etta started to have those qualities. Hope they develop those more.

Now i’m slacking…