World's collide

Setting one person who is voted upon by the comments or mentioned the most throughout the week are put into a story of my own creation and then I post that story for you all to read and you give me your opinion on the story
So reply with the characters that I should write a story about rules are they must be DC characters keep in mind that they will be paired with a top cow character!

Sideways_Vol_1_1_Textless%20(1) 2157317-witchblade151

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  • 1.Sideways
  • 2.Aquaman
  • 3.the witchblade
  • 4.barbatos
  • 5.topcows the darkness

I love the darkness, he’s really underrated.

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Who would you pair out of the five

Sideways and robin :joy: I’m looking forward to the story

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