Worlds of One

I do not mean this to be offensive, but I hope it can be beneficial. Do we really need 50 different threads, 200+ different comments, etc. to say almost the same exact thing? We are upset with Swamp Thing being potentially cancelled, but make one thread/comment describing your concern. The rest of the subscribers get boggled down because they can’t see any other content. This happened with Titans and the new Batman. If you want to keep this service going (if it is even in jeopardy), then it requires fans to discuss what is important that way more content can be created to mirror that. By having post after post of the same content, we create our own demise.
Again, I mean no harm, but I am sharing a possible analysis to a potential issue.


very true


Just thought of this to add on. Instead of spending time sharing with fellow fans what we love and enjoy, we are wasting time complaining about matters that may be “fixed in the timeline”.

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We should be focusing on the positives, but it’s the internet, so…y’know.

To quote Jay of Jay and Silent Bob fame: “What the **** is the internet?”

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It’s kinda hard to spin a positive take on this when a show that had tons of potential got canned after 1 episode.

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I’m referring to the other positives in the greater DC fold, other than just one TV show.

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