😤 WORST DC Couple? 😤

If Joker had a partner who could dish out and take violence from the Joker, his relationships might improve. Harley couldn’t bare to hurt the Joker. He needs someone who’s willing to slap him in the face and tell him to be a mature nut.

I forgot about that relationship, It is a bad one, thankfully it has not been taken into the comics

Joker and Harley Quinn is the #1 worst personally and no DC couple (fanon or canon) can top that mess as it has been around consistently for decades as the rest as been nothing but short and experimental. I’ve been around in this fandom for nearly 2 decades and I’ve never seen such a toxic and damaging ship get glamorized and deeply defended in the past as this ship. Over recent years, people, including those at the top of DC’s chain, have started waking up and seeing the ship for what it is and breathed new life into Harley that made her better and stronger.
Kinda bizarre that somebody would post a discussion on the subject yet use a hot hookup involving a new character we know zero about. But to be honest, the Joker as a character is damn near unshippable.
Also to note, any article on the subject of “5 worst DC couple” that would make Nightwing hooking up with Harley worst than Harley hooking up with Joker is an article that automatically made itself irrelevant and dead before I finish said article. And it’s also a sign to me that there’s still work to do when it comes to setting the record straight.