Would You Like to Be a Writer for DC?

I would like to write DCs characters.

I wouldn’t want to work for DC though, everything I see from outside looks like a red warning flag to me.

If anything it would have to be under the kids label, but writing for kids is harder and I lack the education
for it and couldn’t do it better than the writers they have.

So, I guess, no. :grinning:



Once recent output by DC made me realize that editorial would force me to treat these characters shamefully, I took my ideas for them to AO3 and wrote them there.


I think it would be cool to write for them. I dabbled a bit with the DCW, but I still have much to learn before I can write a decent script. Ongoing series would be OK, but I would prefer Miniseries. Far better then a long drawn out series.


Comics-wise, anything at first, just to get my foot in the door.

After having proven myself, I’d zero-in on:

● Anything Superman related. If Jim Lee wants me to write “Superman Cleans The Backyard Grill”, then by Rao, I’ll do it!

● A Lobo ongoing. It’d be Black Label’s baddest bastich of a book yet.

● Marshmallow Pete. He’s DC’s breakout character of the 2020s, they just don’t know it yet (but I and my lawyer sure do :slight_smile: ).

Outside media:

● A Superman movie or three.

● Lobo: The Animated Series

I’ll literally write anything for DC and WB, TBH. Even if the thing stinks, I can at least say that I got to do professional work for DC and/or a media partner of their’s.

I’d also love to write a multi-volume series of books that serves as the definitive pictorial reference guide to DC Comics-based action figures.

It’d be out of date the second something newer than what’s in the last pages of the final volume comes out, but what do I care? I’ll just edit new items into the Revised Editions (which would be replete with shiny Absolute Edition-esque slipcases).


Absolutely! Writing for DC would be a dream come true! Getting the chance to do a run on Batman would be my dream job. I have all kinds of crazy ideas, ranging from a major (but meaningful) villain death to a new Robin in to a Bat-Family civil war starting as a result of the afore mentioned villain death.


Meh, I’d rather write my own charactors and crowd fund.


i would love to write stories for some of the lessor known Heros i feel like everyone just Wants the Trinity (Batman Superman and Wonder Woman) there is nothing wrong with them i been a die hard Batman fan since birth and thats my dream write. but if im being honest with myself i wanna give the other heros their spot light to. Wildcat, Sandman, Deadman Jonah Hex.

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Good point, but doesnt mean they shouldn’t try

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I would love to try my hand at writing comics! However, working FOR DC is a hard pass. I do not agree with editorial and the way they treat characters outside of the main trinity and current Robin. Me and editorial would have PROB​:clap:t2:LEMSSSSSSSSS​:clap:t2:! Though I would love to write many DC characters. Personally I would prefer to work specifically with graphic novels as a single 22 page issue just isn’t enough story for me. If I could have my own little universe and timeline going that’d be perfect so I can do whatever tf I want and run wild (AKA do it right).
I would love to work with Nightwing ofc he’s my favorite character along with Titans, Wonder Woman, Stargirl, Batman Beyond, maybe Aquaman, but my dream would be to create my own character(s).

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I’m down for this. We NEED a consistent timeline!

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I have the same sentiments toward editorial.

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Agreed. ■■■■ editorial!

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Like some people, I would do ANYTHING to write for either DC or WB.
In particular, I’d love to try my hand at reinventing D-list rogues as compelling and serious antagonists. I feel like some of them (especially the minor Bat-rogues) are worthy of being reintroduced and rewritten.
I’d also love to try being a writer/creative director on either a film, game, or TV series. Hopefully one that focuses on the wider DCU, so I can have plenty of characters and settings to play with.


Being a writer for DC would definitely be a fanboy dream-come-true. As for what I would write, well obviously there’s Shazam (shocking, I know), but since I’ve talked about that character–a lot–elsewhere, here’s what I would do with some of my other favorites:

The Legion of Superheroes: Restore the Retroboot team/continuity. The Legion Subs have finally been granted full Legionnaire status, albeit probationary. To make sure they stay in line and not cause any unnecessary trouble, they’ve been assigned a new field leader: a disgruntled Brainiac 5.

Red Lanterns: Starring Guy Gardner! Because this was a great premise that was done away with too soon, imo.

Hawkman, Earth-One: So I have an idea for a Hawkman story…it’s just one that would add yet another origin retcon onto the pile. So, instead, I would make sure to tell said Hawkman story in its own, separate continuity, just to avoid that mess.

Earth-3: The ongoing struggles of the Justice Underground as they seek to overthrow the oppressive regime of the Crime Syndicate, and bring peace to a world hellbent on destruction.

Question, Inc: Starring both Vic Sage and Renee Montoya, with appearances by Batwoman, Lois Lane, the Specter and Huntress. It’s the “X-Files” but with DC lore.


DC would be tough to work for. I have one huge reason:

  1. AT&T

I would love to write anything batfamily that concerns the robins and Batman himself. And if I am up to the challenge, writing Hellblazer would be a blast!


I think I could do it, it’s just that continuity is such a fixer-upper at this point that I’d be spending more time slapping bondo over the holes previous writers and editors left that I wouldn’t be writing my own so much as repairing other people’s work.

With that said I think I’d be suited to writing a good Nightwing story. I also have a few ideas for a Bane solo story that could be compelling.

…a Batman 89 continuation comic would be a dream job.


Agreed! Definitely my fave era of DC too!


I’d read it lol

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makes notation

Mmmkay, how about…“Superman Waters The Grass”?

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