Writing Wednesday

Today, I am unofficially officially creating a new fan creation event focused on our writers in the community! It is called Writing Wednesday! It is a week long event calling for fellow writers to tale a story based on the given prompt for the week. (If you have a suggestion for a prompt, feel free to message me and send it along. I may add it to the rotation!!)

NO PRIZES! This is just a fun weekly event to get us that want to write a fun way to participate in the community, so no prizes or rewards will be given because again this is about having a fun writing experience in the community! Not getting a reward.

BEST FOR THE WEEK. The only close to prize given will be on Tuesday a poll will go up for the community to decide who had the best story for the week based on the communities thoughts. If this is abused or the same person wins week to week this may be removed upon my own thought process and if it seems to remove the necessary FUN element.

LEGAL STUFF!!! DC Universe had specific FAN SUBMISSION GUIDELINES. You should read over them BEFORE SUBMITTING your tale of wonder and intrigue to the thread. They can be found here: DCU #FanArt Submission Guidelines – DC Universe Help Center BASICALLY, what you NEED to know is the rights to the work become owned by DC, so you may not want to write your magnum opus. Just saying, but you do you. Be extra if that is what you need, just know DC gonna own it. K? Seriously I said read the FAN SUBMISSION GUIDELINES, so don’t be like no one told you. I did. She did! The fan submission guidelines did! Thanks, glad we had this talk!

Now WRITING WEDNESDAY can commence with its first ever prompt!!! Oh the excitement! Oh the confetti is everywhere!!! Omg!!! I can’t even contain myself:

Red Sky Crisis:

The CW event “Crisis on Infinite Earths” has started, so in recognition of that. The prompt is about the red skies. A DC character is in their hometown and has just seen the skies turn to red. They don’t know what is occurring at the beginning of the story, just that the skies are now red. You can have them discover why or not, that is up to you. Create your own why about why the skies are red.

You didn’t think you were getting off that easy did you? Here are some ADDITINAL PARAMETERS for the week:
Use only 3 characters in your story.
1 must be a DC character that has mystical properties.

I will have my own story posted before Tuesday. I will not be included in the Tuedday poll though since I want other participants to get that recognition each week. I am excited to see what everyone does with this first Writing Wednesday prompt!!! (confetti EVERYWHERE)


Superman Short #1

The Fortress of Solitude
Constantine and Superman sit at the Kryptonian Bar.

Constantine: Thanks for letting me come here. Your gamut of alcoholic drinks is exquisite.
Superman: Still surprised no one else came.
Constantine: I only came for the booze.
Superman: I realized when you started your third shot.
Constantine: I mean who would want to participate in a Superhero Support Group. (He takes a swig of a lime green and turquoise dotted class of Martian Margarita.
Superman: I would have hoped everyone. I mean surely everyone who fights feels guilty right.
Constantine: Have you not just realized that?
Superman: I mean, I haven’t well, I’ve just had a series of losses. I’ll tell you that.
Kelex: He’s always thought that Mr. Constantine. He’s just tried not to admit it.
Superman: Kelex not helping. Well I mean, my step dad just got killed by Leviathan, my son aged 7 years, Rogal Zar killed Argo City, Zod is building his own planet, red cloud keeps destroying me, the daily planet is shutting down. What haven’t I lost lately?
Constantine: You never sent the love of your life to eternal damnation or sent a girl who trusted you to damnation, nor are you British. There’s a lot you could still lose.
Superman: Well a drink to the things to the things we haven’t lost.
Constantine and Superman take a swig.
Constantine looks up, the open ceiling stretches for seeming miles.
Constantine: Why is the sky red?
Superman: Uh… maybe we’ve had to many drinks.
Kelex: I can confirm the skies are red.
Superman: Talk about stuff we can still lose.

This story takes place in the world of my Superman Ongoing. Check it out for more!


(Gotta knock someone of this rust off! Haven’t done fan fic since October. Here we goooo!)

Stephanie brown’s P.O.V.

What the heck? I looked up to see the skies blood red. Only a minute ago they were clear and blue. “Oh no!” She said to herself. Bruce wasn’t in town, and looting is gonna start! I ran through the narrow Alleyway and saw someone climbing up a fire escape.

“Not today!” I yelled up.

“Come on. I don’t want no trouble.”

He pulled out a knife. He wants trouble.

“Now you’re in trouble”

I yelled once more. I grappled up, and kicked his legs out from under him. He fell of the fire escape.

“Oh crud!” I said as I jumped to save him.

“What’s a little girl like you doing this all by yourself?” A voice called out.

She stepped out of the shadows.

“Phew thank god it’s just you!” I said to Selena as she approached me.

“Whadda ya say? Partners? Just for today?” She said

“Sure.” I replied

Going building to building stopping many many crimes, it began to get worse. Bruce showed up eventually, and things were about to get a lot worse…

@HubCityQuestion where is fan fiction Friday at? Moved to discord?


ooooo Kelex makes guest appearances!!! about time


Red Skies Crisis Submission by longlivethebat

A large, yellow bus bearing the words “School District of Philadelphia” pulled up to a stop. The air in the doorway decompressed and the doors opened. The students stepped off the bus and onto the sidewalk, including Billy Batson and his brother Freddy Freeman, who was standing on crutches.

“Freddy,” Billy said, nudging Freddy’s shoulder. Freddy looked where he was pointing: the United States Capitol Building.

“Oh my God,” Freddy said, exasperated. He reached for his inhaler and puffed air into his mouth. “Is this what meeting Beyonce feels like?”

“For a normal person? Yeah, it would be.” Billy smirked at Freddy. The two boys joined the rest of their class for a headcount, before being lead toward the building, a couple of blocks away.

There was a crackle, and a red cloud slowly spread across the sky. Everybody looked up. “That’s weird,” Billy said. “The weatherman didn’t say it was going to be cloudy with a chance of a food coloring accident.”

“This isn’t good,” Freddy said behind a pout. Amidst the confusion, he grabbed Billy by the arm and stepped out of the group. “I was really hoping there wouldn’t be any superhero hijinks today. I was looking forward to this field trip.”

“I know, and I’m sorry, Freddy.”

“Make it up to me later?”

“You bet.” Billy smiled. “Now go, do what you need to do. You’ve got a window.”

“Right.” Freddy stepped underneath the nearest bus stop and dropped his crutches. “Shazam!” he shouted, and lightning flashed around him. Freddy Freeman was no longer there. Now, where he was standing, stood the heroic Captain Marvel. He ran past his class, briefly making eye contact with Billy, who nodded back at him, and he bounded into the sky. Once he was high enough, Captain Marvel surveyed the area. There was nothing on the ground besides confused civilians, and in the sky was only clouds. He flew above them, into the red atmosphere, searching for a cause, but he found nothing.

“Worlds will live… worlds will die,” a voice said. He looked behind him and saw a man flying in place.

“Is this you?” Captain Marvel asked, gesturing to the clouds. The man shook his head.

“Earth-858 is dying. The skies are but a sign of the doom to come. Your world needs you, Freddy, as its champion to fight in the impending Crisis,” the man said.

Freddy Freeman… I choose you as champion. Captain Marvel heard the voice so vividly in his head, recalling a memory of a time since passed. He snaps out of it. “Who are you, and how do you know my name?” he asked the man in front of him.

“My name is Mar Novu, and I am a Monitor. The multiverse is threatened. I am looking for heroes to fight to protect life itself. I have been watching you for some time. Now, I am asking you to come with me.”

Captain Marvel looked down through a hole in the clouds, at the city. I just wanted a normal field trip, he thought. Then, he remembered Billy was down there. At the same time, Billy was looking up, hoping that Freddy was okay, and counting on him to make sure the world was safe. Captain Marvel looked at the Monitor and said, “What do you need me to do?”

“Follow me,” the Monitor said, opening a portal. Captain Marvel followed him into it.

The streets of Washington, D.C. were in chaos. Students were shouting things like “He ran past us and flew away!” “He’s gone!” “He abandoned us!”

“No, he hasn’t! He’ll be back.” Billy looked up at the sky. Of course he will. He’d never abandon us. Suddenly, a wall of antimatter approached, destroying cars and buildings. The streets were filled with screams. He panicked for a moment, then collected himself. What was his next move going to be? Whatever’s going on up there, we can’t wait on him. He broke away from his class and ran toward the wall to help guide people away.

Captain Marvel stood inside the Monitor’s lair. “Please, sit down, and feel free to rest your powers,” the Monitor said. Captain Marvel nodded and took a seat in front of a large display of numerous planet Earths.

“Shazam,” he muttered under his breath, and he turned back into Freddy Freeman.

“My brother is relentlessly seeking to bring about the end of all life,” the Monitor explained. “He has brought forth a storm of anti-matter, stretching across infinite earths until none remain. Many worlds have already fallen. If we hope for any chance of survival, we must fight back now. That’s why I called on you. If you fight with us, life just might prevail.”

Freddy noticed the storm on the display moving over a wave of Earths. He stood up, holding onto his armchairs for balance, and looked at the Earths, reading their labels. Freddy watched as the storm completely consumed the world listed as Earth-858. “That’s-”

“Yes. I’m afraid it is,” the Monitor said. Freddy bowed his head in mourning.

“Sir!” a woman called from a doorway into another room. “There’s something you need to look at.”

“I’ll be right there, Lyla,” the Monitor said. His face lightened, showing for once a trace of emotion as he walked past Freddy. He put his hand on Freddy’s shoulder and said, “I’m sorry." Then he left the room.

Freddy was alone with his thoughts, and for the first time in a long time, he felt helpless. He remembered what the Monitor said to him, Your world needs you… as its champion.

The voice he had heard earlier came back into his head, and this time he didn’t stop himself from getting pulled deep into the memory of a time he found himself wandering into the unknown, through a dark cave; of a time he felt alone. Freddy Freeman… Lay your hands on my staff and say my name, so my powers may flow through you. You are all the world has. I open my heart to you, and in so doing, I choose you as champion. Say my name…

Freddy looked at his homeworld on the display, now shaded out among the rest. It needed a hero, and that hero was just a word away.



The Holiday Party for the Justice Leagues was in full.swing.

An intense blight light occuried and all the super heroes in the room vanished.

Except for Titans trainees Raven, Beast Boy and Miss Martian

“What just Happened?” said Gar Logan, Beast Boy.

The glass in the nearby windows shatteted.

They went toward the broken windows and saw Red Skies.

“I don’t feel so good,” said Gar.

He transformed into the Beast. towarering over his two friends.

"Megan, try to calm.Gar down telepathically while I keep him busy " said Rachel Roth. Raven.

Going into Beast Boy’s head was like going into a cluttered teenage boy’s room, thought Miss Martian. She hovered over the floor.

She found Beast Boy playing a game but one that involved him attacking Rsven. who fought back with.her Soul Self.

“You are not playing a game, Gar. What you are doing is real. You are hurting your friend, Raven.”

He ignored her.

Megan mind blasted him and the Beast disappeared, replaced by Gar’s slight form.

What just Happened?" said Gar.

“It as if you were possessed,” said Raven.

“I am feeling a malevolent force of great power. Do you feel it too, Ravan?”

She nodded.

“We have to find and defeat it,”.said Miss Martain.

“I have an ides. It must be operating at some frequency we can’t observe Maybe one of Cyborg’s gizmos can track it,” said Gar.

After some experimenting, they found an appropriate scanning device in the laboratory of Victor Stone.

“I can teleport us to the source. What’s the plan?” said Rachel.

“Gar and I will keep our adversary distracted, while you go.Full Trigon on him.”

Raven gave a slight smile. then teleported the three of them to what felt like Hell itself.


I know I’ve edited my entry a couple times, but now it’s on a final, locked version :stuck_out_tongue:

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The skies are always red in Gotham City.

Not all day. Not all night. But just as the sun sets, at the twilight when Gotham’s gloomy pallor comes alive, the skies are always red.

Some people say it’s romantic. I call it what it is: air pollution. A byproduct of corporate greed that makes our air breathe crimson.

Well, no more. Tonight, the choking ends. Tonight, Robinson Park will overtake Gotham’s industrial district, and the skies will one day breathe once more.

“Hey, Red! Who ya narrating to?”

“Not now, baby. I’m busy.”

“Yeah, yeah. Lemme know when you wrap up though, because we got company comin’.”

“Isn’t that your department?”

“Yeah, well, I don’t want you to miss it! I’m gonna kick some serious hiney.”


“Okay, sheesh! I’m goin’!”

My own gifts are bountiful, but they’ve never been enough to take root in the stubborn- ugh- urbanness of Gotham for long. So this time, I enlisted some assistance from the supernatural. Enchantress owes me for helping break her boyfriend out of Arkham. And tonight, I’m reaping the favors I’ve sown.

I don’t think you’ll find your herbicidal tools work very well on magic-imbued botany, “heroes.” Tonight, the skies will breathe once more. Tonight, the red skies give way to a green future. Tonight belongs to Poison Ivy.


Sorry I haven’t responded to this. I have a half-written submission that I haven’t been able to finish because my schedule hates me. My last final is today, so I might be able to get it in under the wire this afternoon if nothing else comes up.


Inspiring Superman

I think that I was twelve years-old that evening. I ran out of my house that evening because my powers had gone berserk and I accidentally melted the toaster with my heat vision. My powers had just started coming in and while my parents were very understanding of me, but my powers still scared me at that age. Honestly, they still scare me sometimes. Not because they could hurt me, but because they could hurt other people. So, that night, after the accident, I bolted out the door and ran for a couple of miles until I found myself in a peaceful cornfield. I decided that I would stay there and watch the sunset before heading back home. What I noticed, though, was that the sky was a lot more red than normal. In fact, as the sun continued to set, the sky just continued to turned more red until it finally turned into a blood red.
The intensity of the sky both concerned me and intrigued me. I continued to stare at it and I started noticing flashes of green light in the sky and then flashes of red too. It looked like the two lights were fighting each other. I remember being confused by that, so I stared more intensely on the area of the flashing lights in the sky. Then all of the sudden my eyes zoomed in on the lights like I was wearing super enhanced binoculars. Then what I saw in the light surprised me. I saw two human like figures in the light, and the were causing the flashes of light. I could not identify the two people, but I was convinced that the two were in a struggle of good versus evil, and it looked like the green light was the good light. So, in that struggle that I saw I started rooting for the green light. Eventually, the struggle stopped and it looked like the green light had won the struggle because the sky had turned back to normal. I headed by home as the sunset and it started to become dark outside. As I was walking, I started imagining that battle and what it would be like to be caught in a struggle like that and to fight for the good of other people. In that I found hope. Hope that doing good would always win in the end.
I arrived back at home and watched the nightly news. The news reported on the incident. It talked about a hero named Green Lantern from the Justice Society of America battling a nemesis of his named Wotan. It explained that Wotan had cast some kind of spell that turned the sky red hoping that it would weaken Green Lantern. Obviously, it didn’t work. I remember hearing about the Justice Society of America, but unfortunately, I was too young to fully understand the scope of what I was learning about, but that night I finally got it. I understood that those with great power have the responsibility to protect the innocent from those that would do them harm. I understood that doing good for the sake of good was what made you a hero. And found hope in those ideals. I believe that night was what started me on the path of becoming the man I am today. The man people are now calling Superman. I just hope that I can live up to the standard of heroism that you have your entire life.
After I had finished telling Green Lantern the story of how he had inspired me, he just looked at me, smiled and said, “You’ll do good kid. You’ll be a great hero." I smiled back at him and he nodded and flew away. I meet my hero and I realized that the old saying about never meeting your hero was not universally true. Sometimes it’s good to me your hero, and he left inspiring me with that same hope that I felt when I was twelve years-old. Hope in what I now identify as Truth, Justice and the American Way. That is the truth to hold yourself to what is right, even when it is not clear what the right thing to do is; To always be just, or fair, in your rationale and the decisions that you make; Lastly, the pursuit of happiness and to protect the happiness and well-being of others from those that would do them harm. Those are the ideals that I try to live by, and that I hope to inspire in others how Green Lantern inspired me.


I was trying to tell an inter monologue narrative, without going into too much details and keeping the full details of what’s going on until the end. I hope that it didn’t turn out too confusing, or too oddly narrated.

I am going to leave this up for another week before the poll to allow people to write that still may want to write and also to allow me to get to my own writing. I may make the prompts last two weeks. I would love to find someone else that would do writing type prompts with me and alternate weeks! If you are at all interested please feel free to message me and we can discuss and hammer out the details. Thanks everyone that has participated so far. I am loving seeing our individual creativity!


The next two Wednesdays are holidays. Do you expect to be busy for those, and if so, do you need to extend the deadline a little further? It’s only the first prompt, so people are obviously going to be lenient if you need that time. Once the holidays pass and the New Year comes around, I expect people are going to be a lot more active, so we could officially kick off the weekly aspect of this around then?


Hey, everyone! Happy holidays! HubCityQuestion here. I’m proud to report that prompt duties for this week fall upon my shoulders. I figured since we’re between the holidays, something holiday-themed would be appropriate. So this week’s prompt is RESOLUTIONS: ONE YEAR LATER!

Show us a character of your choice at the beginning of last year, resolving to make a change in their lives. Then show us how it went. Did they stick to it? Did they fail? How far did they make it? How have they changed, if they changed at all? Remember that all general submission guidelines apply – and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


Superman Short #2 “The way life rolls”

Clark sits on his balcony with Lois, wondering what the future may bring.

Jon (11 years old): Dad, I call dishes!!
Clark: Haha, Dang it! I wanted to do them!
Jon: Too Late!
Lois: How did we ever get a kid like him?
Clark: I have no idea. You know we never came up with new year resolutions.
Lois: We could do it now?
Clark: 35 days late?
Lois: Why not?
Clark: I guess we can go. Um, I want to do more random activities with our son before he gets older, like go fishing, passing around a football, you know little mundane things. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the craziness being Superman brings, and I want our kid to appreciate being human too.
Lois: Um, I was thinking about our little trip last week. Where you went to the future while Jon and I went on an investigation. (P.S. This is Action Comics: Booster Shot)
Clark: Where you almost died…
Lois: Yeah. That one. Anyway, I really appreciated accepting who my dad is, and I want to spend more time with him.

7 months later
The Tombstone of Sam Lane who was killed by Leviathan.

Lois: Hey dad, the family is really struggling right now. Jon’s starting school, and I keep wondering if I made the right choice. there’s so much going on and I don’t know what to do. Oh yeah, Jon is 17 now. I barely understand what happened, but yeah that’s different. Clark is all over the place. On one hand, he’s having a bit of an identity crisis. On the other hands he’s still trying to be the hero everyone thinks he is. I’m a little lost right now. A friend of mine might be moving out due to rising house prices and something is a little off about the whole thing. I don’t know if I should investigate what’s going on or just accept it. I smell a story, but I have a feeling the story is just gentrification. I don’t know what to do. Something happened and everything’s gone awry. I miss you. We never really spent time together before the whole leviathan thing and now… well you know, you’re dead. I miss you.

Lois looks at her father’s grave. I tear falls down her cheek.

Want to enjoy more? Check out my Superman Ongoing!

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A Day with The Penguin
6:00 A.M: Penguin gets up in the Morning.
6:15 A.M: Penguin takes a cold shower.
6:30 A.M: Penguin eat breakfast.
6:45 A.M. Penguin does his exercise.
7:00 A.M. Penguin watches the news.
7:30 A.M: Penguin goes to work at Iceberg Lounge.
8:00 A.M: Penguin has a staff Meeting.
9:00 A.M: Penguin makes some important business called.
9:15 A.M: Penguin takes a coffee break.
9:30 A.M: Penguin work on business papers in his office.
10:30 AM: Penguin takes another Coffee break.
11:00 A.M: Penguin check on his employees in Iceberg Lounge.
11:30 A.M: Penguin goes to a board meeting.
12:30 P.M: Penguin goes to eat lunch.
1:30 P.M: Penguin goes back to work in his office.
2:30 P.M: Penguin takes another Coffee break.
3:00 P.M: Penguin does one last inspection at the Iceberg Lounge.
3:30 P.M: Penguin does the interview of hiring or firing.
4:00 P.M: Penguin have a secret meeting with his henchmen.
4:30 P.M: Penguin has another Coffee break.
5:00 P.M: Penguin watches the news.
6:00 P.M: Penguin open the door to Iceberg Lounge and greets his guests.
7:00 P.M: Penguin goes to eat dinner.
7:30 P.M: Penguin meet with his henchmen.
8:00 P.M: Penguin goes to a movie.
10:15 P.M: Penguin goes home.
11:00 PM: Penguin goes to bed.
11:45 PM: Penguin get a visit by Batman!

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Considering what happens to Jon not too long after “Booster Shot,” I suppose life can often get in the way of even your most humble goals.

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I love how fastidious Penguin is about his schedule. Clock King would be proud.



It was New Year’s Eve in 1940 and Jim Corrigan had made a decision.

"Here’s the deal, God. I ain’t been the greatest man in the world. Sometimes I beat up.the slimy criminals after they gave up. I have taken bribes so I don’t see some things. When a guy dies and I investigate, the money in his wallet disappears.

But I met this dame and somehow I want to be a better man, the best man I can be. Help me be that man."

That night Jim Corrigan was murdered and The Spectre walked the Earth again.

The Spectre was the angel who destroyed Sodom and Gommarah. He who killed the first born of the Egyptians, when Moses demanded his people be free. That and so much more.

Through.the centuries, he did his work in host bodies that allowed him out, to wreck Vengence on.the Guilty in the name of God.

The next New Year’s Eve Jim.Corrigan said to Gof,

"That is not what I expected when I asked to be a better man. I dumped my dear sweetie, so she wouldn’t have to deal with what I’ve become.

But a Man has to play the cards he is dealt with. i aint refused any job in my life and I aint gonna refuse this one in my death. There are a lot of scum on this earth and You’ve given me the firepower to murder them all.

So it’s You and me now, God. Parrtners to the End. Let me clean up this Earth as best I can. And let the evil punks rot in Hell.

After I’ve had a little fun with them, of course.

How about turning them to wood while they are still conscious and then sawing them into little pieces, how about it, God?

Me, I got a lotta neat ideas like that.

Come on God, we’ve got a lotta work to do, tonight and every night after, until the End of Time"

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Love the period-appropriate language here. You do a lot to convey the setting just through Corrigan’s monologue!

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