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WRITING FRIDAY (ooh gurl this is 2 days late, man this work life got me like WHAT. Working from home is not fun.)

This week’s prompt is called “Fantasy Land.” We all need a bit of a respite from the real world right now, so this week takes us into the “other” worlds of the DC Universe.

PROMPTS: Create a story of any DC character you want arriving in a new fantasy land of your own creation or utilize a fantasy land that is already in the DC Universe. Tell the story of the character arriving in the fantasy land and then however you want to progress the story. Maybe it is just the start of a much larger story you want to tell? It is up to you.

Remember that there are Submission Guidelines utilized by the DC Universe forums. If you are like TL: DR know at the very least, you put it here you don’t own it any more. This means you probably don’t want to create your best fantasy land ever that you may want to use yourself someday. :wink:

I look forward to seeing what people create from this.

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The Most Excellent Adventures of Starfire and Raven Throughout Time

“Watch out, Kori.” Raven created a large dark force field to repel the massive death rays attacking them.

"We have to get out of here, said Raven

Starfire nodded

Raven concentrated and created a massive teleport for herself and her friend.

The next thing she remembered was the two of them awakening on.a hillside full of grass.

Kori said, “This place stinks.”

Raven sniffed the air. “Oh Azarath. I think I teleported us back in time. To the Middle Ages.”

“Can you teleport us Back? Our Friends are in.Danger.”

“Too exhausted. It’s going to take time for me to recover.”

“If we are the stuck here, I better learn the language.” She walked toward a handsome heavily muscled peasant tending the fields.

Raven said, “There a nobleman over there, on horseback. He will be much more intelligent.”

“And Arrogant. Do I do the telling to you of who to kiss? The peasant is quite good looking. And why would I want a big talker, always telling me what to do and say.”

“I just mean the arisiocrat is more like Dick Grayson.”

Kori glared ar Raven “Exactly.”

“Pont taken.”

“I will see you on.the morrow.”

“Go play with your boy toy, warrior princess.”

In the morning Starfire said, " As near as he could tell, it is about 1428. France is fighting England and losing badly. The heir to thr throne, the Dauphine, is in exile. The French are rallying around a young waif of a girl. I was thinking you could put the girl in a deep sleep and give me the illusion.of the girl. I lead the army to victory. The Dauphine goes to.Paris. We go home."

And that was what happened.

Unfortunately after Kori and Rachel left, allies of the English captured Joan and put her on trial for witchcraft, of which there was ample evidence. The poor girl was burned alive at the stake.

Starfire and Raven teleported to another time and place.

The clothing of the people was much more modern but not quite

A glance at a newspaper showed they wore in.Belfast, in 1911. The newspaper headline was of the Maiden Voyage of the Titanic

Kori said, “I loved the movie.”

“But the ending wad sad.”

They.looked at each other. “Let’s fix that.”

Soon.they creaed numerous small holes on the bottom of the ship which would ensure the ship sank before it received its first passenger

Then they teleported again.

They had spent several days in 44 BC Rome before the Time Police caught up with them.

They were told they couldn’t just save thousands of people. Their continued existence would have a profound effect on World War I, the Great Depression and World War II.

“Do you know how much work we had to do in secret to rectify your efforts And what are you interferring with now?”

“The assassination of Julius Caesar.”

“How do you even know about that?”

“I can read. I read the play by Shakespeare,” said Kori.

“We have peeled a lot of grapes together. I find him a marvelous stateman, the greatest of warriors and a superb lover.”

Raven said, “Leave me out of this.”

Kori said, "Anyway we are Julie’s bodyguards. No harm will come to him.

“NO NO NO. The world will be unrecognizable if you.two accomplish that.”

It took.a lot of details before the Time Police convinced Kori and Rachel to leave Julius Caesar to his fate.

The two boarded the Time Ship.

Next thing they knew they were back in.Titans Tower

Gar Logan kept going on and on about how the team searched for them.and then giving up and eating rhe pizxa without them.

The thing was, both Kori and Rachel remembered eating the pizza, months ago.

A time paradox?

An.alarm rang

To address was where the time jump had first occurred.

It was time to close the time loop.

Both Kori.and Rachel knew they would take out the thugs with the death rays first.

Then time would return to normal, right?

But that is another story.


Writing Wednesday Prompt:

Theme: COVID-19
Prompt: Write about any hero and how they are dealing with the issues surrounding COVID-19. Are they still superheroing anyways? Are they practicing social distancing? Are they quaranting themselves? Use any character you like and I hope some of you awesome writers create some lighthearted stories from the prompt even if it is very real world oriented this week.

Remember that there are Submission Guidelines utilized by the DC Universe forums. If you are like TL: DR know at the very least, you put it here you don’t own it any more. This means you probably don’t want to create your best story ever unless you rewrite the heck out of it. :wink:

As always, I look forward to seeing what people create from this week’s prompt. Happy writing!


Garfield Logan and the Virus.

Being a Super Hero is dirty and dangerous, almost always involving personal, physical confrontation with Super Villians.

And Super Villians were famous for not washing their hands.

This particular virus was very contagious and virulent.

So five very nervous Teen Titans went to Star Lab to find out their odds in.getting the disease.

After extensive testing, the results csme in.

The good news was that Starfire and Raven, not being human, were immune to the virus.

The bad news was that Robin and Cyborg were extremely vulnernable. It was strongly advised they quarantine themselves in a isolated area. They choose the Fortress of Solitude.

The catastrophic news was that Star Labs determined that Gar Logan, also known as Beast Boy, was a ticking time bomb.

His ability to transform into thousands of animals, meant that his DNA mutated at an alarming rate to do so, making it extremely likely that the virus itself could mutate as well, making it a world killer, should Gar ever come into contact with the virus.

Starfire and Raven decided to quarantine Gar with.them, under the strictness of security.

At first Gar was delighted to have these two hot babes so close by, with no competition. He soon realized his chances of scoring with either was nonexistent.

Gar tried to be good, to play with his computer games, but he was so bored.

So on.the second day, he escaped by becoming a small insect.

A grim Starfire and Raven tracked him down, at his favorite Pizza Shop.

Soon, Raven teleported Garth to Azareth, whose entire population had been destroyed by her father, Trigon.

“I am so disappointed in you. Gar. Can’t you act mature for once?”

She promised him Regular Pizza Delivery.

And left him alone.

No games. No anything.

Gar felt he would go crazy.

The next time Raven came he pleaded for something to entertain him

“I am sorry Garth. Azarath never had the Internet… How about books?”

Gar frowned. “Books?”

“Yes. You know, printed words on a page.”

She gave him.his favorite science fiction novels and comic books.

He was still bored.

Reluctantly, Gar decided he needed something… harder.

On her next trip to Azarath, he asked, “I need a high school biology textbook.”


“So maybe I can understand how to do my Animal transformations more easily. They’re the only thing you left me.”

“You did this to yourself, but okay.”

Gar had forgotten how smart he was, how he had analyzed all the animals in the world, by reading about them, watching videos about them, interacting with them.

He found out to his surprise that the book gave a structure to what he had already learned.

He asked for more comprehensive texts, starting with basic cillege textbooks

The text became more difficult, challenging him. Biochemistry. Bioinformatics.

Raven was astonished how Gar had changed, how driven he had become.

She gave him.a stand alone laptop, which he hand cranked to recharge.

He learned programming and did computer simulations.

He proposed theories about the virus to Star Labs.

They were impressed.

Soon Raven was giving him thumb drives containing research data.

Together Star Labs and Garfield Logan created a cure.

Gar was back in Titans Tower.

“Raven, I apologize. I was a jerk.”

“Well now you are a man. A real man.”

She kissed him

Gar smiled for the first time in a long time.


For a far better story on a pandemic (in its later parts)

But mainly for the romance between.Raven and Beast Boy

See fan fiction


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I had trouble thinking of a good long story to write for this, so instead, I decided to do something short.

Helping where you can

Superman lands Gotham Central carrying a truck with testing supplies, masks, and medical equipment that had broken down on the road on its way in. Walking in, he is greater by a nurse, “What are you… superman!?” she pauses for a moment. Smiling Superman gives her a little wave, "Not here for treatment. I just wanted you to know I got a truckload of supplies that were on their way until the truck broke down. He could see the relief on her face as she smiles “That is great news. I’ll get some people to start unloading that truck right away,”

As he was starting to head out, he noticed someone, his face covered in the opposite way that it usually was. Heading over to the man, he stops right behind him, “Bruce Wayne, I thought you would be at home waiting this out.” Bruce turns as he had a Wayne tech mask over his face, a design based on those developed for batman. “There is one thing that my father taught me. That when people are in need, you should help.”

Superman nods “I see, but I’m sure someone like you coul.” he was stopped as Bruce held up a hand “There are lots of things I could be doing, but money only goes so far and donating thousands of masks.” he glanced to some of the boxes that were coming in “That I’m assuming you brought in is another. But people need to see that we are in this together. That when things get tough, people won’t sit in their ivory tower and watch the world crumbles, that they are willing to help in any way to make sure that people are taken care of.” A few news reporters started to gather, “I might not be able to fly around at supersonic speeds or carry a truck to where it is going. What I can do is provide support for those who need it, and let people know that it doesn’t matter who you are. We are in this together.”

Superman smiles and extends his hand. “Glad to see you’re not just putting your money where your mouth is.” Bruce Wayne smirks and then puts his elbow out, getting a chuckle from those around as Superman does the same. Instead of shaking hands, they bump elbows to help prevent the spread of disease.

Later Superman is at the watchtower where the global effort to stop the spread of the virus and the opportunity for crime it presented and saw Batman walking around. Approaching Superman smiles, “So good PR never hurts.” Batman turns to superman. “It wasn’t PR. It is practical. I’m not a god from ancient Greece or an alien from another planet that is immune. I can’t run supplies to hospitals and homes across the world in seconds or use magic to heal the sick and contain the virus. What I can do is help make sure that the people who need help, really need it, get it by breaking through any financial or bureaucratic red tape that is preventing the help people need.”

Superman smiles and nods, “Well, that is what it means to be a hero, right? Doing the right thing.” Batman nods. “Now, if you don’t mind. I need to see where else my help is needed.” and starts to walk to the communication room.


This week’s prompt-

Ever just wanted to write a story without any restrictions, based in the DC Universe? Write it this week and share whatever part you are willing to share!

Remember DC Universe does have Fan Submission Guidelines!

As I said previously, I will work on keeping this going, just bear with me. I will post when able. Love and light everyone.


Creating a New Justice Team

Michael Holt, also known as Mr. Terrific began the process of selecting a new team he would lead

He had been part of many teams, often a leader, but he wanted to start afresh, while using the experience he had gained from participating in the other teams

He knew he wanted members without too much experience and who would react well to training and direction.

Maybe one third would be new talent.

How big a team? Maximum of nine. Any bigger and they would trip over each other.

And not everybody on each.mission. He would be cateful before assigning very dangerous work to the trainees.

He wanted the team to be diverse, with a range of experience and skill sets.

He knew he couldn’t get Superman, Batman, Wonder. Woman, Flash or a Green Lantern. They were too powerful and had too many existing obligations. In the end, they wouldn’t want him as a leader and he didn’t want them. because they were too dependent in their ways of operating. It was important to think outside of the box to.win battles.

No heavy magic user either. They attracted too many magical foes and their powers shut down completely too often when they are needed.

He had disbanded the Terrifics but felt Metamorpho.would be a good fit. Sensible, with a grrat power set. And it would be good that Rex would have something to do, so he wouldn’t brood.

Seven more to go.

Any JSA membets? Alan. Jay and Ted wouldnt want him to raid their team. But again, he liked the energy and enthusiasm of the young members, like Courtney.

The youngsters would have to wait. After he picked their mentors.

Justice League members? Cyborg and Vixen came to mind. His analytical mind turned on. Because they are black? No, because they are good.

He had worked with Cyborg on combined League and Society missions and he had impressed Holt…

And Mari? Well, ne could think of many reasons for selecting her.


He had dinner with Mari. She suggested Eve Arden, Nightshade, whom she had worked with on Suicide Squad.

A teleporter and creator of shadow constructs would be useful indeed as would her espionage skills.

Victor said he would have to think about it.

So the initial team was Holt, Rex Mari and Eve


After some bumps, the team jelled.

After some adventures. Rita Farr. Elastic Woman and Terra Markov joined. Funny how that always happened

Victor finally agreed to join, after a falling out with the League ovwr the Titans.

The finall two were all selected by the team together.

The two young heroes were Firestorm and Blue Beetle. After a while, a jealous Terra took to them


The team had quite a skill set and was diverse in many ways. Holt just had to remember to encouage their input.

They had no telepaths or magic lasso but Rex was alway quick with .becoming a truth gas if needed.

No.shapeshifters for inflitration. But quite a few were quite stealthily.

They were fast enough, invulnerable enough, and threw enough power or stone bolts to attack aggressively.

Cyborg mentored Blue Beetle

Nightshade and Holt, using his T Spheres. mentored Terra

Metamorpho mentored Firestorm.

Mari and Holt were in charge of martial arts, acrobatics and physical raining.

Victor Stone taught Computer Science and Football.

Rita Farr taught drama, acting and improv.

Holt, Martin.Stein and Rex taught the physical sciences, while everybody participatrd in weekly Great .Books sessions.

It was important to understand as much as they could and also why they were doing the deeds they did.

Was Achilles right in.the Illiad? How to know if you are in a parallel world. What were the contributions of the great philosophers. Who was Cthulhu and why he should not be awakenef. How to get a super villain to reveal alll his plans. Escaping Death Traps 101. What was the best way to make chili and turtle soup? All this and more.

This team would do well and succeed in every conceivable situation


Michael Holt was content as the team toured the new facility.and home he had built for them.

Yes, the New Justice team should win every time.

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Footsteps echoed in the now-empty H.I.V.E. base as Amanda Waller examined what was left after Superman broke in and destroyed almost everything after she had sent the suicide squad inside. The squad had failed, but she couldn’t have activated their bombs as it would have been more trouble than letting them live, the ones that survived anyway. All were back in her custody, which helped the situation, but she had a bad feeling things had not hit their worst.

Turning around, she almost walked into Batman, who was standing behind her, not even flinching when she saw him. Slowly she looked up at him “Don’t you have better things to do than to try and give me a heart attack.” walking around the dark knight to head to a side room off the hallway used to enter this one. Batman followed her “I was just doing another sweep to make sure no tech was still active. What are you doing here?”

Waller ignored Batman for now but stopped by a section of the wall “No reason.” before starting to walk off. The sound of a door opening made her stop, “No reason?” Turning back, Waller walked up to Batman. “Thanks, I wasn’t sure how to open that.” and headed inside. As Batman stood there, he narrowed his eyes before following her down.

The pair were walking down some steps to another room. This one was brightly lit and had no signs of combat like the rest of the facility “This is most likely where the H.I.V.E. leader was during the raid. We never did find her.” Waller smirked, “Why am I not surprised. I’m surprised your ragtag group found them at all.” Walking over, Batman looked down at Waller, “Why are you so against the Justice League. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but we have proven ourselves time and time again. Stopped world threats and even cleaned up your mess here.” This made Waller glare at him and jab a finger into his chest. “This operation was going according to plan until Superman heard a fight and decided to stick his nose in where it didn’t belong. Now we don’t even know who the new H.I.V.E. master or mistress is.”

Batman walked over to one of the still-active computers after inserting a drive into the machine he started typing. “If you shared your intel with us, we could have taken this facility down without the need to release dangerous killers and psychopaths into the world with a tiny bomb being the only thing to keep them in line.” Waller blinked even though her face didn’t change. Turning to look at her, “Give me one reason why I shouldn’t let anyone know about that.” A small smirk formed on her face, “Do what you want rich boy.” The two stood there for a minute as if to determine if either one was bluffing.

After that, Batman ejected the drive and put it in his utility belt. “We don’t have to be adversaries. We can get the job done without putting innocent people at risk.” A small laugh coming from Waller “Why even say that. You know if I believed that I wouldn’t have a secret force of elite soldiers to do these missions.” Batman turns as he knew that line was to deny that Task Force X was criminals “Because you believe that there are some things that heroes can’t do.”

Waller shrugs, “Your words, not mine.” After a moment in silence, Batman starts to walk out, “I don’t approve of your methods, but the idea is sound. Everyone needs checks and balances… everyone.” Waller looked a bit surprised. “Are you saying you want me to keep an eye on you?” Turning, Batman curled his lip into the same smirk she gave him. “I’m saying that without a sounding board, anyone can make a bad call.” the smirk faded, and Waller wished she had her camera out for that. Batman headed up the stairs leaving Amanda by herself and her thoughts about the information Batman just gave her.


I am going to use the same writing prompt as last week.

Booster Gold was sitting at the coms and leaning back in his chair with his feet on the console. Skeets was moving back and forth, scanning various communication, satellite, and other networks for other threats and relaying them to heroes in the area. Sighing Booster sat up, “Skeets, I’m bored.” the small robot floated over. “Well, I could put on another episode from.” Waving his hand, Booster stopped Skeet. “No, no, no… I mean, I want to go out and be a hero, you know. Not sit on monitor duty. isn’t there something close by that I can do and be back really quick?”

Skeet floated there, processing the information for a moment. “Well, there was a report of a pick-pocket twelve minutes ago in.” Interrupting with a loud “Pass.” Booster let out a sigh. The robot pulled up some other data “There was a hit and run.” Booster turning his head “A car bumped into the rear end of another car and drove off.” Booster nods. “Was anyone hurt?” Skeets scanned the data some more “No, and the car that was hit didn’t report any noticeable damage either.” Booster’s interest faded, “I need something that needs a Hero, something that will make the people notice.”

Skeet started scanning when Booster noticed him assigning other cases to different heroes. “Hey, why don’t you give me one of those?” Skeet paused. “I was given strict orders not to give you any missions labeled level 4 or above.” Looking shocked, Booster threw his hands up. “Level 4 is common crimes like theft and assault. The only thing left is littering and jaywalking.” Skeet perked up. “Speaking of which the JL cameras just picked up a jaywalker right outside, you could go stop him.”

Booster narrowed his eyes “Skeet… why are you listening to another member of the league when you’re supposed to listen to me, who reprogrammed you to override my commands?” Skeet floated there silently for a moment, “No one reprogrammed me, it was Batman, he scares me.” Booster blinked a few times. “Scares you? You’re an AI nothing is supposed to scare you.” With an exhausted sigh, Booster puts his head on his hands with his elbows on the console “Great.” then he gets an idea, “Skeet, new plan.” he slows down time and waits for the next call to come in and assigns it to him before Skeets gets a chance and resumes standard time. Skeet looks around, “Did you just snatch a call before I did.” Booster stands up, “Yes, and I’m about to be famous.” and heads out.

Skeet takes extra time to examine the call that Booster just answered before he could assign it “Ooooh no. Batman is going to.” then heard a voice from behind “I’m going to what? Where is Booster?” Skeet turns, “Batman, I was just about to contact you. Booster just answered the call about a giant hydra made from concrete attacking Holliday College.” Batman stood there for a moment, and Skeet backed up some “He used his suit to assign it to him before I could assign it to Wonder Woman.” Batman narrowed his eyes, “Contact Wonder Woman, and let Booster know that I’m on my way.” and headed to the hanger. Skeet moved up a little, “Will do.” then, in a lower tone, “And booster wonders why I’m scared of that guy.” thinking he said it to quite for Batman to hear. Then from outside, the room comes “Good.” causing the little bot to freeze in place.

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So is the writing Wednesdays over?

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For now, unfortunately I haven’t been able to do it due to changes in my life due to pandemic and now potentially having it myself. I hope to restart it when my health permits it.


Be well

Take care of yourself

That is what matters

Not some prompt