WW '84 Critique & Discussion

Yeah, I’m so sick of seeing all these headlines, “WW84 drops for the 3rd weekend in a row.” Hello! We are in a Pandemic that’s only getting worse.


Even w/out the pandemic, what movie doesn’t drop w/ every weekend? It peaks on opening weekend and drops every week after that until it’s out of theaters. This isn’t even a pandemic thing, it’s just a movie thing. Can’t imagine why any site would ever think that’s a compelling headline


Not sure why I wasn’t notified about this comment or the succeeding ones, but when I said he gets an extra wish, I meant it as the President wished for nukes, and he got an extra wish fulfilled by being like a foreign country with absolute autonomy (something like that). Your explanation did fill in some information though.


Just watched the film again and picked up on some information. When Maxwell Lord went to visit “POTUS”, he asked him if he was alright. The President said something like “Yeah, just suddenly arrived here”. Someone wished for the President to show up and he ended up alright. If that, along with the retracting of wishes reverting damage done, is an indicator, then Steve didn’t possess someone, preventing that person from living. That other individual may have gone somewhere else. Plus, when the two went to that guy’s apartment, it was known that that guy was rather narcissistic. Third, one of the only encounters between Steve and Max included him asking if Steve wished he could be a real boy, indicating he could look past the façade. Counter to this is the beginning when Diana said all she could see was Steve, but there are some missing sequences we never saw as an audience- most other wish fulfillments occurred immediately. That night Diana “wished” she helped Barbara and then the next night, she went to the event, meaning twice as long, which could be because there were two people involved. As a follow-up, when Max and Barbara are in the helicopter, he knows she made a wish, but I do not know if he knows what she wished for. If that is true, then it would be further prove that Steve didn’t just flat-out steal that guy’s body/life.

If I watch it again soon, I will focus on clues defending the movie’s actions with the “body-snatching”, but I picked up on some other details, in relation to my initial post here, such as Max thinking his power was a conspiracy for news groups.

Side-note: Diana was wearing a dress/nightgown and Steve was shirtless- they may not have done anything other than sleep in sleepwear.


Just got my HBOmax set up, a little behind on watching this movie, but the trailers make this looks good, let’s see if that holds up when i screen the movie!


So when I went back to go see it with my mom last weekend (she loved it by the way, even better than the first movie), one thing that I took careful detail of was the final fight with Cheetah, and it occurred to me about why it’s so short and it’s passing everyone off.

It’s because Cheetah is a literal Cheetah, she is an animal, no longer a human, which means that she is fighting like one. Cheetah wasn’t throwing punches at Diana, or kicking or whatever people do when they fight; she is literally clawing at her, intending to tear Diana apart the same way a real Cheetah, lion, tiger, or any animal would. At that point, Diana isn’t fighting Barbara the same way she tried to do at the White House, Barbara is using animal tactics to fight her. For those of you that plan on rewatching this movie, pay attention to this scene and you’ll know what I mean.

As for why the actual fight is short, think about it like this…

If you were in the situation where you would have to fight an animal - like a Cheetah for example - and you were not allowed to kill it, you would do whatever it takes to protect yourself, make sure you don’t get hurt, and this would mean possibly trying to weaken or get the animal into a state where it’s restrained, and that is what I think Diana wanted to do. Diana very clearly wants to keep Barbara at bay and tries to convince her to renounce (which Barbara eventually does, you can see it at the end of the final Max and Diana… battle? I guess). I think from a realistic perspective (which I know this movie lacked but for the purpose of this idea :roll_eyes:) having a situation where keeping an animal at bay and potentially getting restrained, the person would NOT spend extra time dilly dallying around and would try to focus on the task and wouldn’t think about how long it’s taking.

There’s also room for the mistake of having the scene be “too long”. Too long, too short, bad CGI, whatever flaw we can find with it.

Anyway, this was just something that I thought about from my latest watchthrough and I’ll be honest, aside from the obvious things that don’t make sense, like the invisible jet scene, I still liked this movie. I get that people like it, hate it, think its okay, and such but… sigh.


While I see what you’re saying, I think you are being very kind and generous towards the filmmakers, like Diana which is admirable. I still see it as horribly choreographed and as a whole I think so much of this movie was poorly executed that I am still in that camp as an explanation.


Yeah… I typically am generous towards film makers :slightly_smiling_face:.


Do you think this film deserves an Oscar and why?

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I enjoyed the film, but no, it doesn’t deserve an Oscar.