YJ S4 can be perfect If.....

Go back to the S1 Art style and improve the animation (S3 looks cheap)

A CORE team of the newer team: like Bart wondergirl halo static geoforce forager traci blue beetle etc…

Develop that core team like they did the S1 team

More of a clear direction to the storyline/plot

More Cover missions/More action: the reason S3 feels a little weird is bc of the lack of covert missions and action

Add mystery elements that get people talking and thinking like the Mole storyline in S1

And for S4 pls don’t bounce around a lot keep a clear focus: there’s a little too much going on in S3

And for S4 don’t add anymore characters if so don’t add a lot, the new team needs more development before you add other characters.

What do u think? Do u agree? If not tell me what would make S4 Perfect


Get that core of 5 characters and really focus on them. Season 3 is painting in broad strokes with a lot of characters but one of the things in YJ was a clear focus on a few characters and their relationships to each other.

Give Batgirl and Zatanna the central leadership roles. Make Z the Red Tornado “den mother role”. Give Batgirl the team leader/tactician role, ala Robin in season 1. Get the core team back in one spot, living together. This crashing on the couches Thing is to disjointed. Beast Boy’s Outsiders isn’t the answer. Far to many Markovians in one place.

More on the Vandel Savage storyline. While his long term goals aren’t good, make the team confront the “is he an anti-hero, at this particular moment in time.” Force the team and Vandel to work in unison. Maybe they have a covert team working with Vandel that they hide from the JL.


Agree with OP and DeSade

Yep, also having thought about it Miss Martian has gone from a great fun character to kinda dull. I know we grow up and we couldn’t keep her as she was but not a lot of fun from her right now.

I think they are saving Meghan drama for the tear jerker ending of season 3 where she and Connor call off the engagement. Or she ends up in a fight with her brother and does a lobotomy on him on the psychic plane.

It would be better if the storyline wasn’t all over the place

Give the more underrated characters (Cassie,Tim,Virgil,Bart)some more development

Focus on more relationships than just Miss Martian(forgot how to spell her name) and Connor like omg there’s other couples you can focus on


All the characters should be featured in all episodes in some small or big way