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Sorry for the double post, but I’m up to Episode 12 now and wanted to share some thoughts, bullet-point-style:

  • Just when I was starting to really embrace the show’s “slow-burn” approach to “SuperMartian”, we get to the episode “Terrors” and the writers rush the two characters into a full-on liplock that doesn’t even get followed up on since both characters are barely in the following episode, “Homefront”, which is frustrating because it doesn’t feel like an organic evolution of where the two characters were in their feelings towards each other just two episodes earlier

  • Although this is my first time watching YJ, I’ve been aware of - and currently am - aware of spoilers for future plot developments, which I think has kind of clouded my impressions since I’m not entirely convinced that the writers have successfully laid the groundwork for Roy being exposed as the person snitching on the Team’s activities through Episode 12, which is why the most interesting part of “Targets” for me was seeing Sportsmaster and Cheshire having to work together as a dysfunctional family unit, especially when you couple those interactions with Artemis’ flashbacks in “Homefront”. Having said that, though, I think that things would’ve worked better if “Homefront” had been Episode 9 and “Targets” had been Episode 12

  • While we’re still on the subject of “Homefront”, I loved the way that the episode focused on Dick and Artemis, although I do wish the writers had been a little more overt with Dick recognizing her in their ‘civilian disguises’ and then needling her about her presence in Gotham later on before they went to the Cave and all hell broke loose, as I think it would have given their struggle for survival and Artemis’ decision not to run away when doing so was her first instinct even more emotional “oomph”

On the whole, YJ continues to deliver on almost every front, even with the writers having made some narrative decisions that I personally wouldn’t have.

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@DigificWriter Im glad your enjoying the series! Nows a good time as ever to get caught up with the new season and all. I also really liked Kaldur, Megan, Superboy and Robin from the 1st season.

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Because I’m enjoying the series, the negatives I’ve highlighted stick out like sore thumbs and I wish they didn’t exist for me to find.

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It’s been a busy week and I haven’t had a chance to post my thoughts on Episodes 13-15 yet, so I wanted to do so now. Once again, I’m doing this bullet-point style:

  • I really liked the plot of “Alpha Male” and the inclusion of Captain Marvel (Shazam), especially with the character’s live-action film somewhat fresh in my mind, but because I had just recently seen said film, I was a little bit hard-pressed to believe that nobody on the “team” remarked on how childlike he was behaving, although I did like the irony of a 10-year-old kid giving advice to somebody several years his senior

  • Maybe it’s the downside of not being spoiler-averse, but I wasn’t really all that “wowed” with the conclusion of “Revelation” when the members of The Light were shown in their full glory,

  • Did anybody else get the impression that Young Justice’s version of The Joker is an androgynous-presenting Trans man?

*I wish that the “team” had been allowed by the writers to fare a little bit better against the Injustice League than they did because it felt a little bit like the writers used both the Justice League and the Helmet of Fate as a Deus Ex Machina

  • For being the wrap-up to the cliffhanger ending of " Homefront", “Humanity” felt a bit too much like filler for me, and the intervention of the Reds at the very end of the story again felt a bit too much like a Deus Ex Machina

  • I can’t help but feel like the writers should’ve had Zatanna officially join the “team” in “Humanity” instead of having her be just a guest character, not only because of how well she worked with them, but also because it would’ve given the obvious flirting between her and Robin more “weight”

I’m also going to throw in some thoughts on Episode 16, “Failsafe” as well:

  • I have a feeling that a lot of people more than likely think highly of this episode, but for me it was underwhelming because it was obvious from the start that nothing we were seeing was real, which robbed the story of any true stakes

  • Furthermore, it was already pretty obvious that M’Gann is a massively powerful telepath, so the show didn’t need to “hijack” an obviously simulated scenario in order to get that point across

  • I also had a really hard time buying both M’Gann and Wally’s anguish over Artemis dying, especially Wally since he and Artemis were still behaving like squabbling cats towards each other just one episode earlier

For as deep into the season as I am now and for as “hot” as the show started, this stretch of episodes was far more disappointing than it ought to have been, with “Alpha Male” really being the only standout for me, so here’s hoping that the remaining 10 episodes can regain and sustain the momentum that was built in the first 12 epidodes.

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Woot woot! Amazing news! YJ got renewed for a 4th season!!!


Am I the only one that didn’t care for season 3? Hated the fact that they mostly focused on a handful of characters, where season 1 and 2 had more interaction with a lot more heros.


I watched the first 10 episodes of the 1st season. I really like these series. Action-packed and entertaining!

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Just finished the 3rd season and I’m really regretting watching it its almost ruined the show for me. The first 2 seasons of YJ (young justice) were almost JLAU level good with minor issues here and there but this season they tried to set up kid flashes return to top the twist of last season and added filler for half he season. There was no need for 26 episodes this season I’m very disappointed in the writers they know better. Think of this season as batman vs superman a lot of good and a lot of setup with no payoff this film but maybe the next one?


whoever photoshopped this is very good at it i still remember when this episode came out people actually thought they were dating which i’m not apposed to i just don’t think it will happen

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don’t forget that they have started working on season 4 already

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I know but making this season 26 episodes was a mistake they could have setup everything with less episodes and less filler it would have been better if done so.

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i know what u mean but i think they’re leaving the stuff with kid flash until next season but i really hope that for season 4 they make the episodes an hour long because 30 mins was fine on Cartoon Network but now thay don’t have to follow their guidlines anymore as they’re on a streaming service now

In the first episode of season three, they mentioned that Black Lightning is brother-in-law to a Green Lantern. I haven’t read many comics and was wondering if that was true to the comics or something they made up for the show.

I wish they made dick grayson gay or bisexual because it has never been done before it would be really cool to see that but what we got is a relationship we have seen many times

Currently watching the new season, and I’m loving it!! Felt so natural to watch everything happen 2 years later. I’m living for the idea of the team being a big family, not finished with the season yet but I’m loving it.


Glad you like it so far, you will not be disappointed moving forward, everything is amazing!

First time watching Young Justice this week and it rules. Season one. I didn’t know many of the characters going in (most on the team, heard of Robin of course ) and its just so engaging and fun. The main DC animated series i’ve seen was Batman the animated series so its just so cool to have so many available and view for first time.

I would say Aqualad is my favorite character in season 1 so far. Halfway done.


I’m wondering if this is the same universe as the other teen titans animated projects with Damian Wayne (Teen Titans v JL, Judas Contract,etc.) anyone know any updates on that universe?

YJ has is specifically its own Earth (Earth 16) and continuity.
One of the Easter egg hunts is to find the number of “16”s in every episode.


So I just got done finishing Season 3. I maybe in the minority here but I’m so over YJ. Overrated. It is the same story, in all three seasons. Mind control. I get it! I get the League need to be saved by the team every single season. Season 1 was the light. Season 2 was the Reach. Season 3 was Darkseid. I will said Season 3 suck and was the worst writing of all three seasons. There are thing I like about each seasons, and Season 3 but it so easy predictable. YJ remind me of the Arrowverse and had some of the same problems.

Worst is that the team is supposed to be covert but I don’t think anyone writing the show understand that work. I will said the League was shown in a better light than previous seasons but the Light as villains are "cartoonish.’ In the sense they are always seem ahead when the plot demand it. It would have been nice for Season 3 to flip the script but now it the same tired story, over and over again.

How many times are we going to see Lex as a bad guy? How many times are we going to see Terra story? As a Batman’s fan, he is right and Black Lighten is wrong but the writers can’t give equal treatment to both side.

I hope season 4 is better but I’m not expecting anything. Why should I?

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