Young Justice Future Shippenings

Connor needs a new lady. It’s tired.

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That’s why having Miss M leave him at the alter would be great. He’s freakin Superboy, he could get all the women he wants and just throws it back in Miss M’s grill. Let’s face it, if he wanted Superboy could get so many sex partners, he’d make Nightwing look like a monk by comparison.

Plus I admit it. I so ship Forager and Miss M.

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I always thought it was Superboy and MM because they’re both “aliens.” I dislike the approach. I’m not suggesting he needs a Lois, but he’s had some bad things happen in his relationships. I’d like to see him written as somewhat happy for a while.

I’ve never been an approving fan of his romantic issues. I think the fact that he never ages is also a problem for writers. I honestly don’t know how much time has passed for him anymore. He’s obviously more mature, but how much?

Anyway, let him date a human maybe? Don’t murder her maybe? I’d love to see a more real relationship for any character. Especially this character.

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@AnonymousHQ, no I’ve stuck with this one forever. Why do you ask?

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Forager’s one true love is Bioship.


Ha! You’re right again @HubCityQuestion

I just didn’t remember the conversation above was with you. Oh well, nice to meet you again!

Nice to meet you again! :slightly_smiling_face:

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