Young Justice hopes...

There’s probably a lot of these threads but I was wondering, what are you all hoping to see in YJ?

Personally, I’m excited for another potential time jump that will see that baby being presumably held by Talia become the new Robin (Damien). I’m also hoping to see Superboy either A) Solve his aging dilemma & start developing full kryptonian power. Or B) Start augmenting his abilities with tech, I wouldn’t be at all opposed to how the CW’s Supergirl handled giving Mon-El flight, just toss Kon a flight ring, done & done.

For Damian to be Robin it’s has to be a massive time jump. Of at least 10 years. So they might do that over two seasons of time jumps.

There’s that possibility. Talia could also plop Damian into an accelerated growth deal of some sort to get him aged up.