Young Justice Season 4 Discussion

Facts we know so far about Young Justice season 4:

Focused on a smaller team

What I would like to see:

It would be so awesome if they had a flashback episode that was focused on season 1 but not something we have seen before.

I personally still want the show to be focused on Season 1 Characters in some way (Kaldur, Megan, Conner, Richard, Artemis, Zatanna and Raquel)

I want to see some Jason Todd action.

I know I’m going to get hate for this but honestly I really want Traught (Richard X Artemis) to happen.

I did hear that their might be a huge time jump if this were to occur I kinda hope that Damian Wayne and Rachel Roth will be in it.

What will probably happen:

Wally will come back from the speed force.

Jason Todd will probably be in it.

Will be focused on the Outsiders.

What do you want to happen in season 4? What do you believe will be in season 4? What are you hoping to see in season 4?


Just glad there is a season 4 for one thing. I hope they are older more mature and less campy disney stuff. If i heard Fred Bugg with 2 G’s one more time I was going to eat a bullet.


The tease at the end, of course, suggested a BIG time jump, namely the Legion of Super Heroes. As a big fan of LSH, I would love a spin-off by the same creative team. I’m not sure how interaction with a group from the far-flung future would pan out, so it may be just an empty hint. But it would be an interesting way to get Wally back in—if he’s traveled centuries into the future!


No return of Wally West? I’m dead :weary:


I’d love to see them focus on the season 1 characters/a smaller team in season 4 as well!


I hope they dont lose the jokes and light heartedness. I think season 3 did a good job of maintaining some levity, while also making the whole tone a bit darker. I was pretty shocked by the lava execution by geoforce at the end of the season. that was gruesome.

I also really want wally to come back. he is my favorite character. I was so happy that we got parts of him in season 3, but if he came back fully that would make me ecstatic.


I like the smaller team concept, last season got a bit… hectic


I just want more Nightwing… but I like focusing on a smaller team like seasons 1 and 3. I would definitely prefer they focus on the OG cast but we all know we’re getting The Legion of Superheroes so that probably won’t happen.


i think that if the writters are actually making Kid Flash an LGBTQ character in season 4 that they’ll just bring 13’s girlfriend from the comics into the show and make blue beetle his boyfriend here’s for hoping they don’t actually go that rout though

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I love the way they took season 3, I do wish they’d keep Conner, M’gann, Dick, Artemis, and, hopefully, Wally at the center of the show, I would understand why they wouldn’t do that. The show is called “Young” Justice after all. I love Forager and I’m so glad that we have him on the show because he was among my favorite superheroes as a kid and has been brought back to that thanks to this show. I really hope we get to see the relationship between Violet and Brion grow in season 4 as well as a redemption arc for Brion as his actions are not entirely in his control. They set up so much for season 4 and I can’t wait to see where they take it!


Considering the Legion of superheroes flight ring in one of the last frames of the last episode, The “future” is coming up fast!


Great theory I just hope they don’t screw us over and decide to not bring Wally back


Artemis and Dick is just so random. Out of all of his girlfriends I feel like that wouldn’t mesh well. Especially if Wally did return




I feel really confident in this!!

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I swear wally coming back! If not then dudes definitely gotta be smoking crack!


Right ??? Facts, bruh when this thang coming out? Been on the edge of my seat for 7 months now

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I really do think he is coming back…I think they have left way to many crumbles in season 3 for him not too

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Well said! Agreed :fist:t4:

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Now the question of when during the season they plan on bringing him back? I have know idea…I just really hope that he is not already back when it starts