Young Justice. what happened to the rest of the season

Where is the rest of the season of Young Justice.

Omg they’ve said that it will return in June dummy they’ve said that for a while now just go away god dang

As my esteemed colleague above said, the second half of the season will be released in June. I think DCU should have put that on the episode landing page, instead of “coming soon” just put when the next episode is coming. It’s really not anyone’s fault for asking, if people haven’t been reading the forums they wouldn’t know.

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Just a little over 3 months to go!

Thanks for answering, guys. Though, if you are going to respond to frequently asked questions please keep in mind that not everyone asking frequents the community often enough to see this question has been previously answered.

Young Justice: Outsiders will return in June - It’ll be here before you know it! ^ ^