Young Romance: A New 52 St. Valentine's Day Special (2013-) #1

Young Romance: A New 52 St. Valentine’s Day Special (2013-) #1

Stories should’ve been longer.

I just adore Wonder Woman and Superman. I miss that couple :blue_heart: All of the stories collected in this issue are good reads. We get to see Catwoman and Batman meeting for the first time. Batgirl begins a flirtation with Ricky. Nightwing, poor Nightwing. My DickBabs heart. Mera and Arthur are cute as always.


Midnighter and Apollo was a bit melancholic (a bit like Nightwing’s story), but I know how their New 52 story ends so it was a nice contrast to see the beginnings of that romance. Also, the Valentine’s at the end of the book were adorable and extremely punny.

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I love that they included the actual valentines on here as well. I don’t know why I just find that funny. Although Blue Beetle should have been the Spanish one, not Vibe.

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This is a really nice book. I finally am able to enjoy comics on my TV, after messing with the settings a bit and its all because I wanted to read this book and my phone was dead. For this comic, I liked having a full shot of the page (page mode) then I would scroll with landscape mode from top to bottom. It feels so natural now and is how I read physical comics. This book was fun for me because it had a variety of styles and good stories. I definitely appreciated the Aquaman one.

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