Your first exposure to DC

Superfriends later batman animated series

Justice league tv show

Well my 1st memory of anything DC was the 1989 Batman Movie I saw that as a kid and I wanted to see more about the DC Universe and I’ve been a fan ever since

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It’s hard to say (I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t aware of Superman and Batman), but my first encounter with the DCU in any form had to be some combination of Super Friends, Superman: The Movie and its sequels, and reruns of Batman '66.

The first comic book I can remember reading was DC Comics Presents #71, featuring Bizarro. I still have that copy.

Adam West Batman and George Reeves Superman in syndication, along with Superfriends and Batman and the Super 7 on Saturday mornings. Got my first Batman comic at age 4 - Batman 310, featuring Gentleman Ghost.

My first exposure to DC was watching “Wonder Woman” on TV when I was a kid. I can still remember accidentally breaking my cousin’s wrist because I had snagged him too hard with my ‘lasso of truth’!


Oh damn you did him dirty! Lol

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I grew up watching the Justice league show and the Batman 2004 series when I turned 1

Super Friends on Saturday mornings in the 80’s.

Watching Batman '66 in syndication! I loved that show as a child. Then when the Burton Batman movie came out, I was obsessed!

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It was the same, either Batman 89’ or Batman animated series. I was young so it was hard to remember which I was watching first, but I was a fan of both since they were both around roughly the same decade.

Burton’s films and the animated series was such a wonderful introduction for a lot people. Glad I’m not the only one

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24 years old. F. First exposure was Batman the Animated Series and all subsequent series. It spawned my love for Batman, Alfred, Batgirl, Robjn, Harley Quinn, Joker, and Gotham as a whole. Still my favorite iteration of Gotham outside the comics.

That’s cool

My first exposure to DC was through the Superman animated series. I was always a DC kid growing up. I watched Batman Beyond, Static Shock, and Teen Titans. My older cousin would also lend me his Batman and Superman comics.

When or was 3 or 4-ish I got the Super Powers Batmobile and figures for the trinity and Robin for my birthday. I recognized them from tv and all, but I was too young to really appreciate it for more than bright colors. When I was learning to read, my dad would read comics with me, that’s when I really got into DC. Also, special shoutout to DC Cosmic Cards, blew my allowance on those for several months and learned about characters and storylines I had yet to hear of.

Batman The Animated Series, I fell in love with Ivy and Harley. The bad guys are almost always boys, I loved seeing bad girls that got their hands dirty too

I had superhero pjs before I can really remember… probably 2-3 years old. My first memory is making a Wonder Woman home movie with my mom. I spun in a circle to transform, just like Linda Carter. :slight_smile:

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So now I’m curious, were you exposed to DC or Marvel first?