Your top pick new release comics for 1/9/19

I don’t think Wonder Comics is a seperate continuity. Superman appeared to be in his current suit in the Naomi preview. Wonder Girl has a…moment (don’t want to spoil it) that makes me think this series is in the current continuity as well.

I just wonder about continuity, because a lot of the member of team have had weird histories in the new 52/rebirth era and its hard to tell were this story takes place.
Take Superboy for example, since Flashpoint there has not been a Kon-El/Conner Kent aka Superboy. At least not one comparably to the Young Justice/Teen Titans version of the 90s/2000s.

Batman continues to rock.

Criminal baby! Brubaker Phillips Crime tales are second to non. Plus they always add extra content to the floppies that don’t make it into the trades or digital versions.

I also grabbed Infidel TPB and man I have heard such powerful things about the book I can’t wait to read it.

DC I am a trade waiter but I’m really excited to see BMB wonder line. I feel like Bendis has a second wave of creativity and is really defying expectations at DC.